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TrendManager Pro Features continued

  • Displays a tabular window: The Data Viewer screen displays an overview of data currently visible in the graph window, showing date, time and value for each pen in column form. This window can be resized to allow many pens to be viewed at once or the column width may be adjusted to suit the user needs by clicking on the gaps between the headings & dragging as in Excel. Individual rows can be selected and copied by clicking on them while holding down the Ctrl key or you can block copy all the data. There is a copy button so all the selected data can be copied to the clipboard and then pasted into programs such as Word or Excel. A print button will print all of the selected data or the complete window.

Hardware Configuration Wizard

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    V5 Recorders

Allows you to enter all the recorder details for type of inputs, - Standard or Fast Scan, the quan- tity, set communications, either Ethernet or RS485/RS232 Trendbus or the Modbus RTU option via RS485 or Ethernet.

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    X Series recorders

Setup includes Analogue Inputs, Outputs and Pulse options, Relay Alarm/Digital Input/Output card options. Standard fit is Modbus TCP/IP (slave mode) and web over Ethernet (DHCP std) communications port and Modbus RTU (slave mode) via an RS485 port.

  • Recorder Set up Function TrendManager Pro can be used to set up and configure a Honeywell X Series or V5 recorder from the PC. Parameters can be set as part of the configuration. These include General Set up information, eg. Recorder Name and description and the Recorder ID, which is used throughout the software for identification purposes.

  • Pen Set ups include Scaling information, engi- neering units, colour and thickness of trends, log- ging types and rates, math calculation, totalisation set up and alarm types and levels. Analog Inputs can be configured for type and range along with a label and any signal conditioning that may be required. Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs and Re-transmission outputs are configured by selection of the appropriate menu button on the left. A pen or input setup can be copied instantly by 'dragging-and-dropping' the pen or input icon.

Batch Mode

The "Batch Mode” facility comes as standard with TrendManager Pro and TrendServer Pro version and later. Batch Mode enhances the management of data collected in non-continuous processes (so-called "batch processing"), such as ther- mal treatment, sterilisation, food processing, chemical reactions, etc.

On the recorder, command lines to Start, End, Pause, Resume or Abort a batch are logged via the "batch " menus" (option), by using the touch screen a USB keyboard or a barcode reader. Other Batch markers can be added such as a Description, User ID, Comments, Lot Number.

The data is then collected by the usual means: media (disk or card), FTP, real-time communications and processed in Trend- Manager/Server Pro software.



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