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TrendServer Pro Features

Includes all TrendManager Pro functionality plus offers significant improvements by providing the additional functionality of:

Access control and traceability The password system supports five levels of users and eight areas of access with ability to password protect functions within these areas – Graphing, Folders, Recorders, Database, Server, Import, Communications and Settings, etc. Up to 50 Users can be registered. All modifications and access are recorded in the Audit manager. A System Status window, which can be hidden, provides status information concerning communications.

Communications with recorders TrendServer Pro is used to manage communications with the recorders and other network connected devices; this includes uploading set-ups over the communications link, file transfers manually or with the FTP scheduler or collecting data in real time using the integral Communications Server. It gives you a complete view of process and real-time data on your PC. (FTP avail- able soon for X Series). A separate modbus configuration tool is used to quickly setup communications between Trend Server Pro and any compatible device. FTP and real-time communications to the same database are not supported and that doing time synchronisation both by FTP and by real time is not recommended.

Sharing data over the Network Using DCOM, TrendServer Pro can be used to access the databases remotely on any PC that is also running TrendServer and is connected to the same Local Area Network. This allows the user to share data over the network and to perform such func- tions as:

  • Logging real-time data on two different PCs simultaneously.

  • Sending the data from the recorder, real-time to one PC, and by FTP, at given times, to another PC.

  • Accessing the data stored on a server from other PCs (TrendServer must be installed on the client PCs, multiple licenses available).

  • Installing the Communication Server and the Database on a central, backed-up server with an uninterrupted power supply to provide added security of the data.

TrendServer Pro provides the ability to view real time data [1] together with historical data [2]. These windows can be expand- ed or collapsed by dragging the viewing area to the right or left depending on what is most important to the user. Scale indica- tors [3] for each of the pens are available for viewing at the same time. These can be expanded and collapsed by using grab bars at the top and bottom of the scale display. The colour of the scale indicator signifies whether the data is historical data (blue) [3] or real time data (orange) [4]. White scales indicate FTP or disk data. Recorder data is displayed by dragging selected recorders [5] or pens from individual recorders into the graph window. A System Status window [6], which can be hidden, pro- vides status information concerning communications; the window will appear automatically if an error or connection problem occurs. Review of the data is aided with the use of the Data Locator [7] and the mouse to scroll forward and backward in time. The review of data can be done in both the historical and real time data windows; the real time buffer can be set in the System parameters from 10 minutes to 2 hours. The real time window can be paused and a cursor bar allows the user to view the digital values. Other functions include Zoom In/Zoom Out using the right button on the mouse, switches are available to turn on or off selected display features like Point Markers of the actual data point, the Recorder Name on the bar graphs indicators and Event Message boxes to view as Thin Traces and the Date/Time of the Event Marker. Turning these off does not erase the data it only affects what is being displayed at the time.



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