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FTP Scheduler

The FTP Scheduler downloads the data automatically from the media storage of the recorders and stores them in a database, based on specified days and time. The data acquisition rates are the ones specified in the setup of the recorder. FTP transfer is protected and secure; the files in the recorder cannot be accessed by any other application other than Trend Server Pro. (FTP transfers available with V5 Recorders, X-Se- ries FTP available soon).

Communications Server

The Communication Server is a software application sup- plied with the TrendServer software. It can be installed on a different PC than TrendServer to manage communica- tions over the whole network (only one instance of the communication server is necessary on the network). Ad- ministrator rights are necessary for setup and oper- ation. The Communication Server manages the Real-Time com- munications with networked recorders using the Trendbus protocol (only Modbus comms is available on the X Series recorders). The data acquisition rates are specified at the PC and can be different from the ones used in the setup of the recorder. Real-time communications is the safest way of handling process data, since it does not rely on data transport via the removable media of the recorders and the data is stored in the secure database immediately after acquisition.

Database Management Tool The Database Management Tool is an "offline" separate software application that is supplied with the TrendServer software.It uses a tree structure to view data files in Trend- Manager database folders as well as files on the PC hard drive. The data files can be viewed and managed by De- vices (all data for one recorder) or by Monthly Archives (one month’s worth of data). Using the Database Tool, portions as well as entire databases can be copied, ar- chived, moved or deleted. Colour highlights of data files (shown below in Green, Purple and Yellow) are used to show if data is being stored to a different location other than the local databases. This allows data to be stored to a secure server that is backed up on a routine basis. The data is still accessible with TrendManager Pro or Trend- Server Pro, just as if it was still located on the local PC. The Tabbed Window at the bottom of the Database Man- agement Tool window provides a summary of operations or an Audit Trail of actions performed during each ses- sion.



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