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Filed 03/19/2010

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Facts Established Regarding Disruption of Educational Process

According to Mr. Keith, the following facts have been established:


The Board of Education was caught in a no-win situation as this matter developed. The

school administration had enforced a 20+ year old IAHS rule regarding attendance at proms. The

matter immediately became publicized locally and nationally, with tremendous pressure placed on

board members on both sides of the issue.


One board member received threats at his place of employment because of the stance he had

taken on the matter. Board members have received emails, telephone calls and Facebook messages

regarding this matter. The educational process at school was disrupted by students talking about the

issue during class making it impossible for teachers to carry out their instruction.


The principal had long been concerned about the amount of time spent by students and

teachers planning and preparing for the prom, causing valuable educational time to be missed. He

also had concerns about students' drinking and drug use before and after the prom and the potential

liabilityfor the school district. There has been additional concern over having sufficient security and

personnel to supervise the students on prom night.


The board had to make a decision that in its judgment was the best decision for the district

to get back to its mission of educating children.


The current controversy involved attendance at a prom, a social event that should allow

students to have a good time, build camaraderie and enjoy each other's fellowship. However, with

the divisive nature of the issue, that was not going to happen at the prom, regardless of whether the

two female students were allowed to attend as they wished or whether they were denied permission

to go as requested.


With all the disturbances and distractions, with teachers having trouble getting students to

focus in class and prepare for upcoming state-wide tests, and in light of on-going concerns the board


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