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Protecting Your Vital Business Data with the Trusted Platform Module

Connected businesses deliver a universe of new capabilities and convenience to customers, employees, and IT. But connectivity also exposes your data assets to hackers or malicious insiders. To protect networked systems and data, most businesses opt for a security software deployment, because of its low cost and configuration flexibility. But the unfortunate fact is that relying on software alone puts your network at significant risk of successful attack or unauthorized penetration. Enhancing software solutions with security that is rooted in hardware can significantly improve your defenses and increase your peace of mind.

The Trusted Platform Module: Hardware-Based Protection for Business

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a component on the PC motherboard that is specifically designed to enhance platform security above-and-beyond the capabilities of today’s software. Defined by the Trusted Computing Group’s public specification, the TPM provides hardware-based protection for the encryption and digital signature keys that secure your data’s confidentiality. The TPM also provides a hardware-based authentication mechanism that strengthens existing network-access controls.

The Trusted Platform Module provides a protected space for key opera-

tions and other security critical tasks that are not protected today. Using specifically

designed hardware and software, the TPM secures encryption and signature keys at

their most vulnerable stages—operations when the keys are being used unencrypted

in plain-text form. The TPM is specifically designed to shield unencrypted keys and

platform authentication information from software-based attacks.

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