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request, shall scramble the Video Programming originating from such points as provided in Exhibit C.  Such Connection shall be completed and activated upon completion of the System upgrade as provided in Section 13(A)(2) and the City’s activation of its fiber optic telecommunications network.  The City reserves the right to establish the technical specifications of such Connection and to require that the Connection be made at a location other than the proposed new City Corporate Yard, except that in the event the Connection is made at a location other than the proposed new City Corporate Yard, Franchisee may require the City to reimburse Franchisee for any increase in its actual cost in providing the Connection at the alternative location.


Franchisee shall provide signal processing equipment as provided herein and two-way activated return capability utilizing Franchisee’s sub-low return on the residential Subscriber network at no cost to the City to the Spokane Fire Department headquarters, Spokane Fire Department fire training facilities, Spokane Police Academy headquarters, District 81 headquarters, Washington State University--Spokane, Gonzaga University, Spokane Community College, Whitworth College, Eastern Washington University-Spokane, Spokane Falls Community College, the Spokane Main Library and the main Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute facility and up to eighty (80) additional locations to be designated by the City.  In the event the City designates 93 locations and such locations are provided, additional locations designated by the City shall be provided by Franchisee and Franchisee’s actual cost.  Each origination point shall be capable of originating and receiving one-way or two-way audio and video signals, non-video signaling or telemetry signals.  These facilities shall be interconnected with the governmental and educational access Channels on the residential Subscriber network and the City’s planned fiber optic telecommunications network and the thirteen (13) locations identified above shall include all required terminal equipment, including, but not limited to, modulators and emodulators, addressable converters, FM transmitters with video, audio and data subcarrier inputs.  Upon request, the facilities shall scramble the video originated from such point.  Franchisee shall provide and activate the origination points within sixty (60) days of receiving written notice from the City.  The origination points shall be utilized solely in accordance with rules established by the City.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this subsection, Franchisee shall not be required to provide and activate the origination points until completion of the System upgrade as provided in Section 13 (A)(2) and the City’s activation of its fiber optic telecommunications network.


Franchisee shall provide one (1) audio/video two-way interoffice circuit between the Spokane City Jail and the Spokane County Courthouse at locations to be determined by the City for the sole purpose of video arraignment.


Franchisee shall cablecast local programming provided by others in the City.  Franchisee agrees to use its best efforts to encourage and utilize programs produced by others.  Priority shall be given to programs produced by residents of the City.  Franchisee shall provide training on the use of its equipment and studio for persons interested in creating local programming.  Training shall be of a level which enables the participants to produce local programming of at least a basic level of sophistication.  Franchisee shall make its best efforts to


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