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removed from Franchisee’s premises and reimbursement for damage or loss and may require that the equipment and studio be used at reasonable hours for reasonable lengths of time, and under such other reasonable conditions as Franchisee may proscribe.


In addition to the provisions of Subsections (H)(1), (H)(2) and (H)(3) above, Franchisee shall employ an access program coordinator and such other staff as it deems necessary to train, supervise and assist persons desiring to use the studio and production equipment.  Such program coordinator or his designee shall be available during Normal Business Hours at no charge to the Access User and at other times for a reasonable and fair charge consistent with making access studio and equipment widely available.  Such charges shall be established as part of the rules provided for in subsection (H)(3) above.


No less than monthly (assuming sufficient demand), Franchisee shall conduct free video training workshops to train Access Users in the proper use of the studio and production equipment and in proper cablecasting technique.  Franchisee shall administer an examination at the conclusion of the workshop, and those persons successfully passing the examination shall be certified to use the studio and equipment.


Franchisee shall conduct regular promotional campaigns to familiarize residents and organizations within the City with its access facilities.  Such campaigns shall include notices printed in Subscriber bills and contacts with civic organizations, religious organizations and youth groups.  In addition, Franchisee shall cablecast on its local Channel a notice informing and encouraging viewers to utilize its facilities.


Consistent with the provisions of Subsection (H)(3) above, Franchisee shall provide and maintain its studio and the production equipment listed in subsection (H)(8) below.  Franchisee shall repair and replace any damaged equipment, and, except for equipment damaged due to the negligence or improper use by an Access User, shall be responsible for the cost of such repair or replacement.  Disputes over whether damage was caused by an Access User shall be resolved by the Cable Advisory Board.


Consistent with the provisions of (H)(3) and (H)(7) above, Franchisee shall provide all equipment necessary for the production of color programming on video tape in the studio or at remote locations within the City.  Such equipment shall include a minimum of two (2) color cameras (studio), two (2) color cameras (remote), two (2) video recorders, editing equipment, audio equipment, monitor, switcher and character generator/titler.  [FRANCHISEE SHALL PROPOSE EQUIPMENT NECESSARY TO MEET NEEDS AND INTERESTS IDENTIFIED BY CITY IN ITS NEEDS ASSESSMENT REPORT] Equipment provided for access use shall be of at least equal functionality and quality as the equipment utilized by Franchisee.


Franchisee shall be authorized to use the studio and equipment provided for in the above subsections for production of local programming.  Franchisee shall schedule the use of the studio and equipment, and Franchisee and the public Access Users shall cooperate with each other in order to maximize the production of local programming and the use of the equipment.  Notwithstanding the above, Franchisee shall have the right to deny use of the studio


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