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Missouri and Tennessee.      


Kentucky Interoperability Communications Conferences

Ken Mitchell informed the group that they are in the planning stage to schedule three interoperability communication conferences to be located at General Butler State Resort Park, KY Dam Village State Park, and the Center for Rural Development.      


Open Discussion

Mary Pederson introduced Chuck Miller who will be the Project Manager for the Mutual Aid Interoperability Project.  Ms. Pederson emphasized the importance of this project and the aggressive time schedule established for it.  Ms. Pederson wants to update the KWIEC on this project at the next KWIEC meeting.

Mark Rutledge discussed the broader issue of governance with interconnecting the IPNCs because “it would be a shared infrastructure and is different than what the State maintains.  Because of this, there would necessarily be needed those inter-agency agreements between the participants.”  Rodney Murphy interjected about other issues that the Center for Rural Development faces such as grants and ownership of the infrastructure as it pertains to federal regulations.  Rodney Murphy re-iterated that he and Lonnie Lawson, CEO of the Center for Rural Development, are very interested in having general conversation with the whole issue of governance, support and the roles pertaining to interlinking the IPNCs.  

Ron Jackson, from the City of Owensboro representing the Ohio Valley Interoperability Consortium, discussed their efforts with mobile data applications.  He emphasized the progress the Commonwealth is making with deploying a statewide wireless data infrastructure based on the standards passed by the KWIEC and is in agreement with their efforts.  However, while this is an important first step forward towards improved interoperability, Mr. Jackson believes other items of interest the KWIEC should address is the capability of mobile client applications to share data among each other including text messaging.  Other issues include giving guidance to smaller agencies about software applications endorsed or provided by the KWIEC to operate on the wireless data infrastructure.  Major Edgington discussed the opportunity for smaller agencies to run KYOPS on their mobile data clients which the Justice Cabinet can provide at no charge to the agency.  KYOPS includes E-crash, Electronic Citation, Incident Report, NIBRS, Master Name file, Master Location Index, and Electronic Intelligence Report.     

Ken Born, Chairperson of the Architecture and Standards Working Group, informed the KWIEC that his working group has not been assigned the task to establish the standards for instant messaging between agencies.  Mr. Born concurs with Ron Jackson in his statement regarding the next step for the KWIEC is to establish an instant messaging standard that allows for text messaging between first responders and public safety agencies.  



Mike Clark made a motion for adjournment and it was seconded by Cynthia Brooks.  Approval was unanimous and the meeting was adjourned.

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