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Oliver Houseman & Martin Jonik: New developments in software technology to support decision making in Cost Engineering.


There are a number of data integration issues with the huge amounts of data available from manufacturing systems, design tools, manufacturing simulation tools and many more now available to support cost engineers in their tasks. We intend to present how two different solutions support the move from data locked in legacy applications to information and knowledge shared across and between departments and enterprises to support the decision making process. This is done by rapidly finding the required information and providing powerful ways to use that data to generate confident cost estimates that can be easily updated as new data is available to enrich the models


Martin Jonik

Martin Jonik has over a decade of experience in the aerospace industry during which time he has been awarded a masters degree in manufacturing systems engineering and is currently writing up a PhD for Airbus UK in simulation assisted decision support using semantic web technology. In addition during this time Martin has worked on number of aerospace projects relating to improving the engineering decision making process. Whereas these projects were predominantly based upon the use of factory simulation modelling which Martin lectures at UWE, more recently this has been fused with emerging semantic web technology to enable access to key data earlier in the design process. Martin is now a director of TechModal Ltd who work with technology partners to implement leading solution to today’s decision making problems.

Oliver Houseman Oliver Houseman has been a PhD Researcher at Cranfield University studying the cognitive actions of cost engineers part of a research project sponsored by Airbus UK. He completed his BSc (Hons) degree in Yacht Manufacturing and Surveying at Southampton Institute before continuing to study for an MSc in IT for Product Realisation at Cranfield University in 2003. His MSc thesis delivered a methodology for the selection of new technology in the aviation industry using fuzzy logic for GKN Aerospace Services. As the Consultancy Director of TechModal he is currently helping to model the support costs for the Eurofighter Typhoon on behalf of the MOD. He is also a Member of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering and the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

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