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Martin Rhodes: Design to Target Cost (DTTC)


This presentation will look at the subject of designing an Aero-engine Product to a Target Cost. It will review where the role of the Cost Engineer adds value to the processes typically employed within OEM’s in pursuit of meeting the affordability cost target of a business for a given product.

To do this we shall briefly address the following areas:

  • ‘Cost Estimation’ verses ‘Achievement’ – we have a cost estimate / model – so what? .

  • ‘Target Costs’ verses ‘Art of the Possible’ – how targets should avoid being seen as ‘mission impossible’

  • DTTC – cost drivers v £’s , the process Sequence, the resource Skills and Tool Applications from Whole Engine to Manufacturing process level.

  • Innovation in ‘Cost Reduction’ – we shall also touch on techniques (such as TRIZ) being used to tease out novel ideas for radical cost avoidance or cost reduction; plus review where and when such approaches may be used.

  • Lastly, we want to again reflect on the role of the Cost Engineer in delivery, not estimating role.


  • Martin began his career in British Aerospace as an aerodynamicist, moving from research into airframe design then onto systems engineering and International Programme management.

  • Joined ML group as systems engineering manager before becoming Engineering Director in the ML vehicles group and subsequently Engineering Director at Walter Alexander, which became part of the Mayflower group.

  • Joined Rolls-Royce in 1998 as Head of Test Vehicles Design & Test, held several other business improvement roles before being appointed Head of Cost Engineering in 2006.

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