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Young Israel of West Hempstead

Rabbi’s Message

“Sim Shalom”

Grant Peace, Goodness, Blessing and Graciousness

(concluding Bracha of Amida)

The sublime goal of peace is authentic only if it is enveloped in tova, bracha and chen.  Shalom is just not a truce; it is a deep sense of harmony from which flows sincere affection and camaraderie.  The Al-Mighty Himself teaches man that peace must reflect the goodness of one’s heart.  The recognition that the other’s existence is a source of blessing and that it is delivered graciously.

Avraham and Silvia Borenstein’s leadership talents have always been invested in the absolute desire for Shalom among all of Shul membership.  They toiled to achieve this goal tirelessly and searching for the common denominator; for that which unites Jews in an era of division and with extraordinary attention to individual needs.

Gregg Goldenberg, who is blessed with a Lev Tov performs all of his many services to our Young Israel with unlimited energy.  He is ever youthful, inspiring all of our youth to give from the goodness of their hearts to the welfare of their family and friends.

Betty Aboff is a marvelous source of blessing in our community.  The word “Bracha” originally meant to flow (like a braicha).  Blessing always indicates the ability to expand one’s Chesed and G-d given talents.  Betty is always prepared to do more for so many who require friendship and comfort.  She is the paragon of hospitality in our community.  For these qualities she is so profoundly admired.

Nejat Rahmani is an individual whose chen has never diminished even under the most challenging times.  My association with him goes back to the 1970’s in Boston when he was the passionate advocate of Iranian Jews who were separated from their parents during the Khomeini Revolution.  Nejat is a natural leader among the Sephardic Community because of his strong ideals always conveyed with gracious refinement.  In this way, he maintains the Midos of his parents, Chaim and Chana, who were superb Baalei Chen.

Our Shul expresses this evening our unyielding gratitude to the above honorees with our prayer that they merit long life and nachas from their sacred endeavors.

Yehuda Kelemer

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