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400 meters

AGE   YEAR   TIME       NAME                  MEET/LOCATION

M40   1995   54.79      Donald Tarasewicz, Cottage Grove    Minnesota USATF, Blaine

M451995   54.86#      Shawn Regan, MinneapolisMinnesota USATF, Blaine

M50     200454.64# (i)Greg Schwab, RosevilleUSATF Nat’l Masters, Boston

M55200957.04#Jim Schoffman, FridleyUSATF Nat’l Masters, Oshkosh, WI

M60200465.4Carl Etter, DuluthStar of the North, Roseville

201064.71# (i) Jim Sheehan, Ham LakeUSATF National Masters Indoor, Boston   

M65197667.7#William Andberg, AnokaMidwest Masters, Chicago, IL

M70   200968.56#Sherwood Sagedahl, FairmontNational Sr. Games, Palo Alto, CA

200965.7 (p)Sherwood Sagedahl, FairmontSouth Dakota Sr. Games, Watertown

M75199590.98 (i)Emil Balz, Cicle PinesMinnesota USATF, Bethel

M80199392.05#William Andberg, AnokaStar of the North, Blaine

M9020051:42.83James Hammond, Maple GroveNational Sr. Games, Pittsburgh, PA

W35199373.66Aime Langlois, St. PaulStar of the North, Blaine, MN

W40199464.83#Lynae Larson, St. PaulUSATF Mid-America, Blaine, MN

W45   1996   74.02      Diane Stoneking, EdinaUSATF Mid-America, Blaine< MN

W50   1987   82.6       Rachel Lyga, Fridley           Minnesota Masters, Park Rapids, MN

800 meters

AGE   YEAR   TIME       NAME                  MEET/LOCATION   

M40   1984  2:02.3#    Doug Clausen, Coon Rapids            

M45   19852:08.8#Rick Kleyman, Plymouth

M50   2000   2:11.71#     Shawn Regan, Minneapolis           USATF Nat’l Masters, Eugene, OR

M55   20092:14.44#Jim Schoffman, FridleyUSATF Nat’l Masters, Oshkosh, WI

M6020002:20.77# (i)Rick Kleyman, PlymouthUSATF Nat’l Masters, Boston, MA

M65   1990   2:27.5#     Lloyd Young, Pine CityMinnesota TAC, St. Paul, MN           

M70   1982   2:40.47#William Andberg, AnokaTAC National Masters, Wichita, KS

M7519953:22.87# (i)Emil Balz, Circle PinesMinnesota USATF, Bethel

M80   1991   3:29.87#    Bill Andberg, Anoka         Star of the North, Blaine

W35   1995   2:25.10#    Donna Ricks, Northfield         Minnesota USATF, Blaine

W40   1993   2:43.5     Linda Schissel, Minneapolis          Minnesota TAC (indoor), Minneapolis

W45   1993   2:56.10    Ann Day, Willmar            Minnesota USATF, Blaine

W4519942:50.64Mary Hiatt, MinneapolisMinnesota TAC (indoor), Minneapolis

W5019943:21.6Karen Connelly, OronoStar of the North, Rochester

W5520022:54.71#Molly Tolius, [residence?]Summer League, St. Paul

1500 meters

AGE   YEAR   TIME       NAME                  MEET/LOCATION

M40   1984   4:15.3#    Doug Clausen, Coon Rapids

M45   1985   4:22.3#     George Savanick, Apple Valley       

20044:22.55#Paul Giannobile, MinnetonkaUSATF National Masters, Decatur, IL

M50   1986??   4:26.4#    Bill Fraser, Apple Valley

M55   1995  4:38.61#    Rick Kleyman, Plymouth         World Masters, Buffalo, NY

M60   1972   4:53.2#    William Andberg, AnokaWorld Masters, Stockholm, Sweden        

M65   19764:59.14#   William Andberg, Anoka           AAU Nat’l Masters, Gresham, OR

M70   1982   5:32.0#     William Andberg, Anoka      Minnesota Masters, St. Cloud

M8019937:36.17#William Andberg,AmokaMinnesota USATF, Blaine

W35   20085:59.50Lori Anne Peterson, RichfieldMinnesota USATF, St. Paul

W40   1991   5:23.5#     Carol Klitzke, Maple Grove        Minnesota TAC, Minneapolis

W4519925:31.6#Mary Hiatt, MinneapolisMinnesota TAC  (indoor), Minneapolis

W5019925:55.5#Audrey Schroeder, RosevilleMinnesota TAC  (indoor), Minneapolis


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