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AGE   YEAR   TIME       NAME                  MEET/LOCATION  

M40   19994:12.98#Steve Plasencia, ShoreviewSnow Shoe Open (i), Minneapolis

M45   1982   4:39.5#     Ron Daws, Minneapolis       

M50   2010   4:53.67# (i)     Paul Giannobile, MinnetonkaNorthwest Open indoor, Minneapolis

M55   1985  4:55.3#    Bill Fraser, Edina         

M60   20005:14.76#Rick Kleyman, Plymouth Summer League, St. Paul       

M65   20065:35.3#Rick Kleyman, Plymouth MDRA Meet of Miles, Minneapolis

M70   2009  6:07.82# (i)     Thom Weddle, Minneapolis       USATF Nat’l Indoor, Landover, MD

M7519996:37.84# (i)Lloyd Young, Pine City Minnesota USATF (i), Minneapolis

W4020025:03.9#Kelly Keeler, BloomingtonMeet of Miles, Minneapolis

W4519935:41.94#Diane Stoneking, EdinaMinnesota TAC (i), Minneapolis

20075:41.1# (i)Kelly Keeler Ramacier, White Bear Lake  Meet of Miles (i), Minneapolis

W5020076:14.61#Ann Haugejorde, MinneapolisMinnesota USATF, St. Paul

W5520106:46.4#( i)Cathy van der Schans, MinnetonkaMeet of Miles (i), Minneapolis

W6020107:18.7# (i)Gloria Jansen, White Bear LakeMeet of Miles (i), Minneapolis

5000 meters

AGE   YEAR   TIME        NAME                  MEET/LOCATION  

M40    199714:02.86#Steve Plasencia, ShoreviewDrake Relays, Des Moines, IA

M45   1996   16:00.29#    Michael Seaman, Edina     Minnesota USATF, Blaine

M50   2003   17:43.84   Michael Seaman, Edina            Minnesota USATF (i), Minneapolis  

201016:54.70# (i)Paul Giannobile, MinnetonkaMinnesota USATF (i), Minneapolis      

M55   1996   17:02.10#    Thom Weddle, Minneapolis           Minnesota USATF, Blaine

M60   1971   17:42.6#William Andberg, Anoka           TAC/USA Masters, San Diego

M65   2004   18:01.42#     Thom Weddle, Minneapolis       Minnesota USATF (indoor), Minneapolis

M70198120:54.1#William Andberg, Anoka   Mid-America Masters, Lincoln, NE

W35200819:44.19#Staci Bennett, White Bear LakeMinnesota USATF, St. Paul

W40        200417:41.2#Kelly Keller, Bloomington                    Minnesota USATF (i), Minneapolis

W45200818:46.88#Kelly Keeler Ramacier, White Bear LakeMinnesota USATF, St. Paul

W50200822:38.80#Carolyn Fletcher, St. PaulMinnesota USATF, St. Paul

W60200823:56.51#Kathryn Benhardus, MinnetonkaMinnesota USATF, St. Paul

High Hurdles

AGE   YEAR   TIME        NAME                  MEET/LOCATION

M40   199916.58 #(110m)Dave Benson, RochesterStar of the North, Rochester

M45   1987   18.69# (110m)   Lionel Washington, Minneapolis          Libertyville Masters, Libertyville, IL

M50   1991   17.7#   (100m)  George LaBelle, Ham LakeMidwest Masters, Munising, MI

M55  1989   17.6 #  (100m)   Jim Peterson, Aitkin         Rocky Mountain Masters, Boulder, CO

198318.4#   (110m)R.G. Wolf, MinnetonkaRocky Mountain Masters, Boulder, CO

M60   1999   18.12# (100m)   George LaBelle, ZimmermanWorld Police & Fire Games, Stockholm

M65200518.92# (100m)George LaBelle, ZimmermanMinnesota USATF, Blaine

M70200917.0  #   (80m)George LaBelle, ZimmermanIowa USATF, West Des Moines

M85200720.00#   (80m)Ralph Maxwell, RichvilleUSATF National Masters, Orono, ME

W35   1995   15.78#  (100m)  Donna Ricks, Northfield       Minnesota USATF, Blaine

W45200814.32#  (100m)Cynthia Overson, WaconiaUSATF Nat’l Masters, Spokane, WA

W55199219.06    (100m)Rachel Lyga, FridleyMinnesota Masters, St. Thomas

# = Meets or exceeds USATF Masters All-American Standard of Excellence


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