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June 2006 Page 1

we did a good job in pre- senting a variety of topics.


Again, I encourage you to attend a Board Meeting, it is the fourth Thursday of every month. As a paid up member you are welcome to voice your opinions and ideas.

Membership Renewal 2006 Support Your Club

We have maintained the dues at a nominal $ 20.00 for many years.

Good luck to Hank Kee as president and to the new slate of officers.

This is to keep our current membership and encourage new people to join.

Have a great summer and observe safe computing. Your virus and spam checkers are your safety belts.

Please come to the next meeting prepared to give your payment to Richard Labov at the next meeting.

Rayne Byer President NYACC

Thank you.

This will be my final col- umn as NYACC President.

I want to thank you for the support I have received dur- ing the past 3 years. Yes, it’s been a long time and I have enjoyed every mo- ment.

It’s been an honor to serve and I look forward to con- tinue participating and working with the New Team as a board member.

Participating in the club and maintaining your member- ship is crucial to strengthen- ing NYACC.

Our general meeting pro- grams have been interesting and informative. We think

Our most active SIGS

Creative Computing meets 1st Tuesday of each month

Windows SIG meets 3rd Thursday of each month

Please check nyacc.org Special Interest for date time and room.

Support your club. NYACC Tote Bags

Available at $2.00 each.

Google Earth

By Joe Schmitt, Member of the jschmitt( at )tampabay.rr.com

One of the greatest tools of the internet has always been that of maps. From the early days of the Internet www. mapquest.com was a great source for online geography. Now a myriad of new tools is available to home internet users to navigate through the world.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest uses for online maps is not for that big long trip

Tampa Bay Computer Society www.tampa-bay.org

to the Grand Canyon with the kids but for finding local addresses. How many times recently have you used a service such as www. mapquest.com or maps. google.com to find that new restaurant or new store? While the online services available can be used to find the next route cross-country they are more often used locally.

Another popular role that current cartographic sites such as mappoint.msn.com serve is where a particular place is in relation to your current location. There are many times when we are watching the news and someplace like Jumbo, WV pops up; there is now a great new tool to let you explore the world virtually.

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