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All About NYACC

NYACC Technical Support

EVER GET A PROBLEM you just can’t solve by yourself? From time to time do you need an expert opinion or a little advice? Hardware or software get- ting to you? Can’t wait for the Open Access questions at the next meeting? Well, now your club can come to your aid. NYACC Tech support is just an email away!


The New York Amateur Computer Club (NYACC) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of advancing and disseminating information about computers.

The club acts as a forum for computer users. While NYACC has a policy of allowing presentations of interest, sometimes by vendors of commercial products, in no way does NYACC endorse nor is it responsible for any representations made by any such presenter.

NYACC is not a party to any transaction between members or between a member and a non- member, nor does it make any representation concerning such transaction. As with all commercial dealings, we recommend that you clearly understand what you are agreeing to and get an agreement in writing, covering all details of the transaction.

New York Amateur Computer Club Newsletter

Ask your question in as much detail as possible (be specific as to hardware and software) and send it to our self-proclaimed world- class expert volunteers who will try to get back to you with an answer by return mail. But make sure your dues are paid up-to-date.

NYACC SIGs: When and Where They Meet

NYACC General Meeting is in the New York University Silver (Main) Building, the second Thursday of each month. 7 pm.

Creative Computing Club meets first Tuesday of each month. Contact Irene Weissman irenesings@yahoo.com

Power Windows meets the third Thursday each month. Contact Rayne Byer

NYACC Tech support can be reached at nyacc@weiser.com

The NYACC Consultants Group meets once a month. Contact Peter Rooney

NYACC Board of Directors meets the last Thursday of each month. Contact Dave Metzger

For Current Meeting Times And Locations, PLEASE ACCESS HTTP://WWW.NYACC.ORG

NYACC Newsletter:

NYACC Contact Information:

The NYACC Newsletter is pub- lished irregularly by the New York Amateur Computer Club, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation devoted to education, the ad- vancement of science, and the promotion of camaraderie among enthusiasts and opera- tors of small computing systems of all flavors.

Officers President: Rayne Byer rb.byer@gmail.com Vice President: Fred Kahn fatpilot@yahoo.com Secretary: Dave Metzger dmetzger@yahoo.com Treasurer: Richard Labov richard.labov@unionink.com

(201) 945-5766 Newsletter Editor: Rayne Byer

e-mail: newsletter@weiser.com

Directors Barry Weiser (past president) barry@weiser.net

NYACC Club Dues

Annual dues for club member- ship are $20 U.S., $45 foreign. To join or renew, contact the club treasurer at the general meeting or send a copy of the completed application appear- ing in these pages with payment to NYACC, PO Box 7844, JAF Station, New York, NY 10116

Julian Aronowitz jaronowitz@acm.org Bert Castang bertcastang@hotmail.com Bill Dockhorn billdockhorn@aol.com Dennis Furbush dsfurbush@earthlink.net Brian Glasser brian@computrs.com Hank Kee h.kee@earthlink.net Joe King jking@pcradioshow.org

Kevin Racquette rags6600@hotmail.com Peter Rooney magnetix@ix.netcom.com Lenny Sragow lenben@prodigy.net Lewis Tanner take5@bway.net Irene Weissman irenesings@yahoo.com Olivia Whiteman owhiteman@hotmail.com

Copyright © 2006 New York Amateur Computer Club, Inc. or the contributing author, where specified. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to other non-profit clubs or groups to reproduce items from this publication for nonprofit use, provided that such reproduction or use includes complete identification of source and adequate notification of any change or abridgement. Additional permission is required from contributors reserving rights separately or additionally as may be noted herein.

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