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Blue Helmets to Jerusalem

by David A. Reed             


Summary Preface

Ch. 1 - Blue Helmets and Bible Prophecy

Ch. 2 - Objections to Christianity

Ch. 3 - Jerusalem a problem for the whole world

Ch. 4 - Why Believe Bible Prophecy?

Ch. 5 - Chosen People

Ch. 6 - Promised Seed

Ch. 7 - Promised Land

Ch. 8 - Holy City  

Ch. 9 - Promised Messiah

Ch.10 - False Alarms, False Prophets and the Antichrist

Ch.11 - Turned off by Hellfire?

Ch.12 - What about Darwin?

Ch.13 - How to be Saved  

Ch.14 - What Happens Next

Ch.15 - America's Role

Ch.16 - Why Now? Precedents

Ch.17 - Nations United and Resolved

Ch.18 - Are you ready?  

About the Author

Posted online at  BlueHelmetsToJerusalem.com

Copyright © 2003 by David A. Reed, all rights reserved



Several of my earlier books have dealt with prophetic failures. I have researched and written about the great “Disappointment of 1844," the dates set for Christ's return by various Adventist groups, attempts at prophecy by Mormonism's founder Joseph Smith, and the Jehovah's Witnesses' predictions for 1914, 1925, and 1975. This research has shown me the accuracy of the

Bible's own predictions about Jerusalem, which have serious implications for our modern world.

Chapter 1 - Blue Helmets and Bible Prophecy

The Hebrew prophet Zechariah foretells a future time when the status of Jerusalem would become a problem for the whole world, and when all the nations of the world would be united in sending a military force to impose their solution for the city. Are today's events moving in that direction? Radical Islamic terrorists who cite the status of Jerusalem as a principal grievance have made their problem the world's problem, especially since the attack on America on September 11, 2001. The United Nations General Assembly has decreed that Jerusalem shall be an "international" city "administered by the United Nations." Now the Quartet made up of the European Union, Russia, the United States and the United Nations have pressured the Israelis and Palestinians into accepting a roadmap for peace. There are calls by world leaders for the U.N. to enforce its resolutions, and calls within Israel to reject an international solution.

Chapter 2 - Objections to Christianity

Rational minds demand reasons for faith, especially when Christianity is merely one of many competing religious philosophies. Moreover, the Christian church has lost credibility, even among believers, due to a long history of wars, sex scandals, political corruption, and other evidences of hypocrisy. In explaining his parable of 'the weeds and the wheat' Jesus foretold that the Church would be filled with counterfeit Christians who would act this way. He warned against the hypocritical 'leaven of the Pharisees' and the politically corrupt 'leaven of Herod.' He also told how to identify real Christians amidst the imitations. Rather than undermining the credibility of the Bible, the corruption in the Church today confirms Jesus' words. Later chapters will address the theory of evolution and concerns about hellfire teaching.

Chapter 3 - Jerusalem a problem for the whole world

Located at the intersection of three continents, Jerusalem often found itself in the path of conquering empires. The Crusades brought international armies to the city but did not fit the prophetic picture of the whole world uniting to impose a solution. International terrorists citing Jerusalem's status as their grievance have

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