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created a problem for the whole world. The first world body, the League of Nations, gave Britain an official Mandate to govern Palestine, shortly after the Balfour Declaration stated the British intention to establish a Jewish homeland there. In 1947 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 called for division of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, and the nations of Israel and Jordan were born the following year. Resolution 181 also called for Jerusalem to be separate from either state, under international control with a governor appointed by the United Nations. Israel has accepted U.N. peacekeeping forces brought in to monitor the border with Lebanon. The "roadmap" provided by the international community calls for settling the issue of Jerusalem in its final phase. Several proposed scenarios could lead to the deployment of blue helmets around the city.

Chapter 4 - Why Believe Bible Prophecy?

Rooted in the complexities of ancient history, the prophecies of the Bible can prove difficult to grasp. However, two significant predictions that are both simple and straightforward can be used to test and establish the Bible's prophetic track record. First, there is the prediction that the gods of the gentile nations -- Baal, Ashtoreth, Chemosh, Dagon, Artemis, Zeus and the rest -- would be abandoned and forgotten, while the God of Abraham would come to be worshiped world wide by people of all nations. The prediction seemed laughable when it was made, because those other gods were much more popular than the unseen God of the tiny Hebrew nation, but billions of Muslims, Christians and Jews today prove the prophecy was right on target. Second, there is the prediction found as far back as the books of Moses, that the Jewish people would be uprooted from the Promised Land and would be scattered throughout the world, only to be restored as a nation thousands of years later, just before the end of the world. Impossible as it may have seemed, the Roman empire carried out the scattering and the British empire facilitated the regathering. Fulfilled against overwhelming odds, these two prophecies establish a basis for believing that the remaining prophecies about Jerusalem will also come true.

Chapter 5 - Chosen People

Some people reject the notion that the Jews are the

biblical Chosen People. Others who see the connection reject the Bible as a result. Misconceptions abound as to the actual meaning of the expression in Scripture. Condemnation of the Old Testament kings demonstrates it does not imply God's approval of the policies of the state of Israel. With each national group making idols to worship and dreaming up pantheons of gods and goddesses, mankind would have forgotten the Creator, had he not intervened to preserve true worship somewhere on earth. The Jews were chosen to preserve the only written record of the creation and of God's early dealings with the human race. Even the Christian New Testament was written entirely by Jewish followers of the Messiah, and the later Muslim Koran acknowledges the Jews as the "guardians" whose job was "to preserve the Book of Allah." The Jews were also chosen as the people to host the Messiah's birth and ministry, and to provide the setting for his promised return to Jerusalem.

Chapter 6 - Promised Seed

The Genesis account of Adam and Eve's sin includes a cryptic promise of a coming "seed" of the woman who would eventually crush the serpent. The Bible concludes with the Revelation's identification of the devil as the original serpent and Christ as the son of man who crushes him. In between that introduction and conclusion, the Bible is full of lengthy genealogies that try the patience of many readers. But these complex lists of who begat whom are crucial to the story, because they trace the promised seed from Adam and Eve, down through Abraham and King David, to the promised Messiah himself.

Chapter 7 - Promised Land

From the town called Ur of the Chaldees, where Iraqi exiles met three thousand years later to discuss forming a new government after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Abraham moved with his family to Harran in what is now Turkey. God told him next to migrate south to the land of Canaan. The Canaanites were gross sinners and were slated for destruction. The slaughter would not be genocide, because it was decreed by the Judge of all the earth. God promised to give their land to Abraham and his descendants. Soon afterward God sent fire from heaven to wipe out the worst of them, the inhabitants of the district of Sodom and Gomorrah. The divine promise was repeated to Abraham's son Isaac, and to Isaac's

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