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Popular acceptance of the theory of evolution causes many to doubt the truthfulness of the Bible. Discovery of the genetic blueprints contained in DNA points to the existence of an intelligent designer of all living things. The genetic code shares many similarities with computer code, which should make us realize that mutations are destructive, not creative. Mutations can add diseases to the genome, but can not add improved new features, just as damage to a computer disk can corrupt the code and make it malfunction but cannot cause Windows 98 to evolve into Windows XP. Scientists associated with the "intelligent design movement" have demonstrated that irreducibly complex structures in living things could not have evolved through a series of mutations producing component parts that depend on other components in order to function. The musical talent of Mozart and the self-sacrificing altruism of Ghandi and Schweitzer can not be explained by 'natural selection' though 'survival of the fittest.' On the other hand, the Bible's explanation of man's origin fits the facts of history and of science and adequately accounts for the world as we see it today.

Chapter 13 - How to be Saved

Through the prophet Jeremiah, God announced that his law covenant with Israel would eventually be replaced by a new covenant based on grace. Open to all mankind, instead of to Jews only, it would bring believers into a personal relationship with God and would free them from the burden of sin. Jesus inaugurated the new covenant and bridged the gap between God and man. By trusting Jesus as their Savior and submitting to him as their Lord, believers now can be 'born again' as adopted children of God. As such, they receive the Holy Spirit to live in their hearts, which results in an intimate closeness to God. He takes an active part in directing the lives of his children and brings them into fellowship with others in the Church. Believers enjoy, not only the sure hope of surviving the coming world catastrophe, but also peace and joy in their lives right now.

Chapter 14 - What Happens Next

The Bible's end time prophecies go into considerable detail concerning the events that will take place. Zechariah devotes two chapters to what will happen when God "will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it." Daniel offers prophetic visions of the

rise and fall of beast-like world powers, culminating in the triumph of the Messiah. The apostle John refers to a seven-headed beast-like world government that would finally fall under the assault of heavenly armies. The Hebrew prophet Joel speaks of all the Gentile nations coming together for war, only to encounter God's voice roaring from Jerusalem. Isaiah similarly speaks of God gathering "all nations and tongues" to "execute judgment upon all men." The apostle Peter cautions that, although the foretold judgment may seem to be delayed, it is coming nonetheless. There are different schools of thought regarding whether God will rescue believers before the final troubles break out, or during the tribulation, but the signs Jesus said to watch for include mention of "Jerusalem surrounded by armies."

Chapter 15 - America's Role

Although there are no clear references in the Bible to the United States of America, it should not be surprising to see the world's sole superpower play a prominent role in regard to Israel. After all, Egypt served as a cradle for the Jewish people to grow into a populous national group, albeit in slavery. The neo-Babylonian empire destroyed Jerusalem, and then the Medo-Persian empire conquered Babylon and restored both the Holy City and its temple. So, it is certainly consistent with history for both Britain and America to figure prominently in the final chapters written, so far, only in prophecy.

Chapter 16 - Why Now? Precedents

The history of divine intervention in ages past also helps identify the types of situations that provoke God to act. The flood of Noah's day was sent to cleanse a planet that had become full of sexual immorality and violence, much like today's world. God sent fire and brimstone to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, so the open gay pride movement today must not be acceptable to him. He intervened when the builders of the Tower of Babel built an urban society capable of accomplishing the impossible, so what about today's scientific breakthroughs in a similar setting? The Jews have restored the state of Israel, and the Information Age lets the whole world now view Jerusalem as their problem demanding an international solution.

Chapter 17 - Nations United and Resolved

Zechariah's prophecy of the world's nations uniting for the final attack on Jerusalem parallels similar predictions

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