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Joel, Isaiah and the apostle John. Although its founders, no doubt, had other things in mind, the League of Nations made Britain's Palestine Mandate one of its first official acts, and the U.N., likewise, passed a resolution demanding international control over Jerusalem as far back as 1947, soon after that body's formation. Since then, there have been more United Nations resolutions on Israel and Palestine than on any other region of the world. These have consistently called for the Jews to vacate all or part of the city, for Israel not to claim Jerusalem as its capital, or for the city to be internationalized under a governor appointed by the United Nations. The Quartet's roadmap has United Nations backing. The nations have spent decades "uniting" for the attack and drawing up resolutions, and now all that remains is the enforcement.

Chapter 18 - Are you ready?

What response should these events evoke from individuals who discern that Jerusalem has become a problem for the whole world, as prophesied, and that the nations have united for a final foretold attack? Should we weigh in on the political issues involved and push for events to move in one direction or the other? The most important response for each one of us is to look at our personal relationship with the Creator, the God who is about to engage the nations in the final war of Armageddon. His victory is certain. Ours can be, too, if we trust and obey.

About the Author

To address the legitimate question of credibility I will say more about myself here than in the typical about-the-author blurb. No, I was not raised as an unquestioning member of a Christian fundamentalist community. Skepticism prevailed, both in my family and in my adolescent plunge into Darwinian evolution, humanistic existentialism and well-argued atheism. My major in political science at Harvard also removed any my-country-right-or-wrong idealism. The evidence that convinced a skeptic like me is presented in this book, out of respect for other inquiring minds.


Much of my time during the past two decades has been devoted to researching failed prophecies concerning the return of Christ. The prophecies that failed were not found in the Bible, but, rather, originated in the sermons and writings of various religious leaders here in America during the past two hundred years. Yet, the promulgators of these predictions setting specific dates for the apocalypse all claimed to be interpreting biblical prophecy.

The American date-setting spree began with the prophecies of Baptist lay preacher William Miller, who declared that Christ would return in March of 1843. He gained a large following from many mainline churches, but the date came and went without the predicted event. So, he recalculated his chronology and came up with a new date; he blamed the revision on a one-year error in the first calculations. Now, Christ would return in March of 1844. That prophecy, too, proved to be false, so Miller made a third attempt, this time specifying October of 1844.

As if catching the prophetic bug from Miller, or perhaps to compete with his contemporary whose predictions captured newspaper headlines, Joseph Smith, the founder, leader and official "Prophet" of the Mormon Church, set his own timetable that would have had Christ returning around the year 1890.

Mormons never made a big fuss over Joseph Smith's off-the-cuff predictions, and quickly forgot about them, but a remnant of William Miller's movement persisted, although fragmented into several schismatic Adventist groups. The Advent Christian Church, the Life and Advent Union, the Seventh-day Adventists, and various small Second Adventist groups all sprang from the Millerite movement. Some Adventists recalculated Miller's dates, found what they believed to be a thirty-year error, and began proclaiming after the American Civil War that Christ would return in the autumn of 1874. When that date passed and nothing occurred, however, some die-hard

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