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in our day to puzzle out the details of how the book of Revelation and other New Testament end times prophecies will be fulfilled. Yet sincere Christians who are knowledgeable of the Scriptures still may find themselves in opposite camps as to when the 'rapture' will occur in relation to the 'tribulation period' and in regard to other details of those prophetic passages, as I will explain later.

Scripture says that 'no man knows the day or the hour' of Christ's return (Matt. 24:36), but Jesus did say to watch for certain things that would indicate his return was very near, and a number of recent world events stand out as red flags in that regard. My aim in this present book is not to the fine tune the minor details of eschatology, nor to get into a theological debate over questionable interpretations. Rather I am grabbing hold of one of those red flags, taking it up, and waving it in air. I am calling attention to fulfillment of prophecy that anyone who reads it will be able to recognize.

This is the new red flag: as never before in human history, Jerusalem has become a problem for the whole world, and, also as never before in human history, the nations of the world are united in their determination to find a solution to that problem. In the light of Bible prophecy, the implications are staggering.

Whether you are a Bible believer or a skeptic sincerely exploring all possibilities, at least consider the evidence presented in the following chapters of Blue Helmets to Jerusalem.

Chapter 1 Blue Helmets and Bible Prophecy

The Bible speaks of a future time when Jerusalem would become a problem burdening the whole world, and when all the nations of the earth would be united in sending armed forces to Jerusalem to impose a solution. Could today's events be moving in that direction?

The answer should be of the greatest significance for all of us, because the prophecy goes on to say that Almighty God responds by sending his heavenly armies to crush the governments of the nations and to replace their rule with the Kingdom of God.

"Jerusalem will be a heavy stone burdening the world," the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah foretold in the book of the Bible bearing his name. What does the world do about this burdensome problem? "All the nations of the earth unite in an attempt" to impose their solution for Jerusalem; that is the answer God inspired his prophetic penman to write. (Zechariah 12:3 The Living Bible Catholic edition)

Are today's events moving in that direction? Are United Nations peacekeeping forces in blue helmets about to take up positions in Jerusalem?

During the final years of the administration of American President Bill Clinton, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process had made considerable progress toward ending the violence in and around Jerusalem. Just about all the details had been worked out and agreed to by both parties, and a Palestinian state seemed to be only months away. But, then the negotiations broke down over the status of Jerusalem, and violence resumed on a level worse than before. Moreover, that violence spread abroad, as Muslim extremists expressed their rage against Jewish and American interests worldwide, citing the situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, as a prime reason for their actions.

Could you imagine Israel and the Palestinians finally reaching a peace accord under the auspices of the United Nations, with U.N. peacekeepers stationed on the scene to enforce the terms of the agreement? Many nations today are pushing for this very thing to happen.

Could you imagine violence increasing after such an arrangement is in place, so that reinforcements are sent in to augment the U.N. presence? Could you imagine those multi-national peacekeepers coming into conflict with Israeli forces at Jerusalem?

Would this fit the biblical scenario? Would God respond by unleashing Armageddon?

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