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the empire of Media and Persia.

During the twentieth year of the reign of Persian emperor Artaxerxes, another Jewish man, Nehemiah, had the job of royal cup-bearer. One day, when handing the monarch his glass of wine to drink, Nehemiah looked sad, and the king sympathetically asked him why. The servant replied that he was sad over the condition of Jerusalem, and the king granted his request to return to Jerusalem with imperial authority to rebuild the city and its temple.

Considering this long history of world powers that served as political allies of the Jewish state, or that came to the aid of Israel at one time of or another, it should not surprise us that the British empire would be instrumental in the return of the Jews to the promised land in fulfillment of Bible prophecy by means of the Balfour declaration issued toward the end of the First World War. Nor should it be surprising that the British and American and world powers would combine to defeat Adolph Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jewish people immediately prior to their return to the Promised Land.

In fact, viewed from a biblical perspective, the First World War was about that Balfour declaration, and the Second World War was about preserving the Jews. If God were to use a modern-day prophet to write additional books to be added to the Bible cannon, that is how the account would read in reference to the two world wars.

It is also significant, biblically, that World War I resulted in the League of Nations, which issued a mandate to Britain to govern Palestine, and that World War II led to the formation of the United Nations, which helped shape the state of Israel.

During recent years America has been Israel's one and only ally, but that will soon change. The Bible foretells that, when Jerusalem becomes a problem for the whole world, all of the nations will share in attacking Israel. So, America must be included in those nations arrayed against Israel at that time.

It should not be difficult to conceive of this happening. Different presidential administrations in Washington have taken different positions vis-a-vis Israel over the years. Some have attempted to play the role of mediator by maintaining strict neutrality

between the Jews and their Arab neighbors. Others have presented themselves as staunch allies of the Jewish state. A small swing in public opinion is all that it would take to allow an American president to side with Europe or with the rest of the United Nations in attacking Israel.

On June 8, 1967, during the Arab-Israeli Six Day War a lightly-armed American warship that was engaged in intelligence gathering in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula was attacked by Israeli ships and aircraft, resulting in the deaths of thirty-four American military personnel and the wounding of a hundred seventy-one others. Israel claimed it was an accident, that the U.S.S. Liberty was mistaken for an Egyptian vessel, and U.S. President Lyndon Johnson accepted that explanation. The Israeli government quickly paid reparations to the injured and to the families of the sailors who had been killed. Since then, a number of writers have alleged that the attack was deliberate, launched because Israel was concerned that the intelligence gathered by the spy ship might be shared with some of its Arab enemies in that life-or-death struggle. (See www.USSLiberty.org for articles and links on this topic.)

A similar incident could easily sway American opinion against Israel in a future confrontation.

However, the reversal of America's role towards Israel does not depend on our speculation. Prophecy makes it plain that all of the nations of the world will turn against Israel and will unite for the final attack on Jerusalem.

Although I have chosen "Blue Helmets to Jerusalem" as the title of this book, Scripture does not state that the nations attacking Israel in this final act of rebellion against God will come in the form of United Nations forces wearing blue helmets. The prophet Zechariah indicates merely that Jerusalem will become a problem for the whole world, and that the nations will be united in their attack. "Jerusalem will be a heavy stone burdening the world," and "all the nations of the earth unite in an attempt" to impose their solution. (Zechariah 12:3 The Living Bible Catholic edition) A formal "United Nations organization" is not named in the Bible.

Even if the attack does prove to be sponsored by

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