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Joel and the apostle John, which speak all the nations sending their armies to the region. "For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring back the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there," says the Lord, according to Joel 3:1-2. (The Holy Scriptures, The Jewish Publication Society of America) A demonic summons goes out to "all the kings of the world to call them together for the war of the Great Day of God the Almighty. ... They called the kings together at the place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon." (Revelation 16:14, 16 The Jerusalem Bible; footnote: "Megiddo mountains" — The modern-day government of Israel maintains a prison at Megiddo, filled with Palestinians held as terrorists.)

But Bible prophecy is not the only reason to expect a united international military force to converge on Jerusalem. There is also a modern political paper trail indicating that the nations of the world have already begun laying a legal foundation to justify such a move. First, the nations began to unite in the form of the League of Nations and, later, the United Nations organization. Then these organizations began passing resolutions regarding Palestine, Israel and Jerusalem. And, more recently, the nations began granting the United Nations more and more power to act militarily.

The League of Nations made Britain's Palestine Mandate one of its first official acts, and its successor organization, the United Nations, passed Resolution 181 in 1947 calling for the division of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, but also demanding international control over Jerusalem. (See chapter 3 of this book for excerpts of Resolution 181.) Since then, there have been more U.N. resolutions on Israel and Palestine than on any other region of the world. These have consistently called for the Jews to vacate all or part Jerusalem, for Israel not to claim the city as its capital, or for Jerusalem to be internationalized under a governor appointed by the United Nations.

The nations have thus spent decades "uniting" for the prophesied attack and drawing up resolutions to legalize it; now all that remains is the enforcement.

General Assembly resolutions express world opinion but do not carry the threat of enforcement

through blue-helmet-wearing U.N. peacekeeping forces. Security Council resolutions can be enforced militarily, but a lone veto cast by the United States has effectively blocked most Security Council measures hostile to Israel. If that veto were to be removed, the way would be open for the nations to have their way in regard to Jerusalem.

The complete text of all U.N. resolutions can be viewed at the United Nations official website at www.UN.org. The General Assembly and Security Council resolutions on Israel and Palestine can by found at the U.N. web site by surfing to the URL http://domino.UN.org/UNISPAL.NSF/ and clicking on links for "Documents by Type" and then "Resolution." The following excerpt from the list featured there as of this writing gives a visual impression of the number of resolutions on Israel, Palestine and Jerusalem passed by various U.N. bodies just in the past few years ("A/RES" indicates a General Assembly resolution and "S/RES" indicates a Security Council resolution):

31/07/2003 S/RES/1496 (2003) UNIFIL - SecCo resolution

18/07/2003 A/RES/57/337 Prevention of armed conflict - GA resolution

26/06/2003 S/RES/1488 (2003) UNDOF - Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973)/ Mandate renewed - SecCo resolution

18/06/2003 A/RES/57/324 UNDOF/Financing - Resolution

30/05/2003 30th session of Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers - Resolutions on Palestine Affairs

16/04/2003 E/CN.4/RES/2003/8

E/CN.4/2003/L.11/Add.2 Human rights situation/Landmines in southern Lebanon - CHR - Resolution

15/04/2003 E/CN.4/RES/2003/5

E/CN.4/2003/L.11/Add.1 Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan - CHR - Resolution

15/04/2003 E/CN.4/RES/2003/6

E/CN.4/2003/L.11/Add.1 Human rights situation in the OPT/Jenin - CHR - Resolution

15/04/2003 E/CN.4/RES/2003/7

E/CN.4/2003/L.11/Add.1 Israeli settlements - CHR - Resolution

22/03/2003 E/CN.4/2003/130 Mideast situation/

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