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23/04/1999 E/CN.4/RES/1999/6 Human rights situation in the OT/Golan - CHR resolution

23/04/1999 E/CN.4/RES/1999/7 Israeli settlements - CHR resolution

09/02/1999 A/RES/ES-10/6 Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Resolution

28/01/1999 S/RES/1223 (1999) UNIFIL - SecCo resolution

28/01/1999 S/RES/1223 (2000) UNIFIL - SecCo extends mandate - SecCo resolution

31/12/1998 A/AC.183/L.2/Add.20 Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 1998

15/12/1998 A/RES/53/196 Sovereignty over natural resources in the OT - GA resolution

09/12/1998 A/RES/36/98 Israeli nuclear armament - GA resolution

09/12/1998 A/RES/53/136 Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution

07/12/1998 A/RES/53/89 Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA resolution

04/12/1998 A/RES/53/74 Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Mideast - GA resolution

04/12/1998 A/RES/53/80 Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East - GA resolution

04/12/1998 A/RES/53/82 Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean region - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/46 Palestine refugees/UNRWA mandate/UNCCP - Assistance - GA Resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/47 Palestine refugees - UNRWA financing - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/48 Palestine refugees - Displaced persons - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/49 Palestine refugees - Higher education - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/50 Palestine refugees - UNRWA operations - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/51 Palestine refugees - Refugees' properties - GA Resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/52 Palestine refugees - Al Quds University - GA Resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/53 Israeli practices/Work of the SpCttee - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/54 Israeli practices/Fourth Geneva Convention - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/55 Israeli practices/Settlements - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/56 Israeli practices/Human rights - GA resolution

03/12/1998 A/RES/53/57 Israeli practices/Golan - GA resolution

02/12/1998 A/RES/53/37 Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA resolution

02/12/1998 A/RES/53/38 Mideast situation/Golan - GA resolution

02/12/1998 A/RES/53/39 Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA resolution

02/12/1998 A/RES/53/40 Palestine question/DPR - GA resolution

02/12/1998 A/RES/53/41 Palestine question/DPI - GA resolution

02/12/1998 A/RES/53/42 Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA resolution

Without going into the details of these resolutions here, it may suffice to quote the full text of one in particular. Toward the end of the year 2002 the U.N. General Assembly passed Resolution 57/111 on Jerusalem, which states that "the international community, through the United Nations, has a legitimate interest in the question of the City of Jerusalem" and that "any actions taken by Israel to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever." Here is the text of that resolution, as copied from the U.N. web site:

57/111. Jerusalem

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolution 181 (II) of 29 November 1947, in particular its provisions regarding the City of Jerusalem,

Recalling also its resolution 36/120 E of 10 December 1981 and all subsequent resolutions, including resolution 56/31 of 3 December 2001, in which it, inter alia, determined that all legislative and administrative measures and actions taken by Israel,

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