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a survey of approximately 50 houses in the areas covered by the group and a trend emerged which showed that ASB and litter issues in Bathurst Park and the Skate Park were concerns of local residents.

Kate confirmed that 6 houses had been surveyed in Alvington, 5 responding that they had no issues and 1 mentioned speeding as a problem.

Ruth Bonser mentioned that the Town Council had received complaints of young people (aged 12 and 13 years old) being drunk in the park during the summer holidays.  Ruth also mentioned that young people wanted to use the skate park, however they were being ‘put off’ as the older teenagers and young adults were congregating on the equipment.

Kate mentioned that she had spoken to PC Bob Lloyd about the possibility of the CCTV Lump coming back to the skate park area.  The Lump is currently being used in another area of the district but this will be looked at again when it’s free.

Nick Brain mentioned that the Street Wardens had issued 5 fines for littering in the park and issued 5 warnings.  He mentioned that FoD District Council were taking a zero tolerance approach to littering in the district as a result of community concerns and the costs associated with keeping the district tidy.

After discussion the group made the following decision and the following actions were assigned:

Decision of Group: This SARA Plan to remain open, but Lake area to be removed

Joint patrols between PCSO’s/Street Wardens to be arranged in the area.

Action:  Kate and Nick to discuss

Ruth mentioned that the Town Council were looking to install gates at the ramp to prevent mopeds getting onto the park area.

Action:  Ruth to keep meeting updated

It was agreed that the group needed to engage with Whitecross School to ensure the message with regards to ASB and littering was also getting to the students.  A forthcoming community engagement event, which had been organised by the police for Friday 17 September would act as an ideal opportunity to engage with the young people from the school.  

Debbie Powell mentioned that the Community Safety Partnership sponsored an Alcohol Awareness week in the secondary schools every year and Whitecross usually took part.  It was felt that the issues being experienced in the park area could also be covered in this week.

Action:  All partner agencies

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Lydney & Area NGC – 14 Sept 2010

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