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Per ankh / House of life:Asmall temple or building where records were kept (medicine, astronom , geograph , la , mathematics, and interpretation of dreams). Magicians studied magical texts and other sciences. They served as custodians of all the knowledge of the temple and guarded their secrets carefully. Much like a modern day librar , they served as a center for education.

Magicians: There were two kinds of magicians in ancient Egypt; the first were trained priest- magicians who served in large temples and were part of the religious hierarchy. They were looked upon with wonderment by the common people. These magicians had a special place in the temple—they worked in the House of Life. The second type of magicians were “lay” magicians. These men and woman practiced magic but were not attached to any temple.

shabti: These are magical clay figures. Shabti is the Egyptian word for “answerer.

serpopards: Referred to as “longnecks,” these creatures bear both reptilian and leopard features.

rosetta stone: A large inscribed stone discovered during Napoléon Bonaparte’s Egyptian Campaign (1798–1799). The stone enabled early linguists to translate and read the myths of ancient Egypt. The large black stone has three different scripts, including hieroglyphs, Demotic (a late form of Egyptian writing), and Greek. The stone contained the same message written in Greek and the two Egyptian scripts and allowed scientists to decode the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language.

Monsters, Unusual Creatures, and devices:

apophis: Giant serpent whose evil intention is to destroy creation.

face of Horror: Set’s minion who bears the hideous face of a decaying corpse and the feet of a rooster.

Magic Wands: These devices are called apotropaic (meaning to “to escape bad luck”); magic wands are meant to turn away or avert evil spirits. Most often carved of ivory and inscribed with magical figures to protect their owners. Wands were often used for drawing magical circles on the ground to create a “safe spot” that would repel evil spirits.

The Rosetta Stone

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