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anCIEnT EGYPT. ModErn ParTY IdEas.

Eat like an Egyptian.

Whole grains and wheat were staples in the diet of the Ancient Egyptians. In putting together your Egyptian event, serve up some whole wheat crackers or pita bread and hummus dip. Vegetables were also widely consumed, so for a healthy snack, think about carrot sticks and vegetable dip!

And feel free to add a touch of modern flair with some elements from the world of Carter and Sadie Kane by bringing in snacks from Brooklyn and London! Make mini Brooklyn-style pizzas for your guests, and crumpets or other British sweets!

decorate like an Egyptian.

You’ve probably seen examples of Ancient Egyptian art in the form of hieroglyphics, pottery, and artifacts available at your local art museum. Take that spirit into decorating for your Egyptian event by printing out artwork reflective of this time period to use in setting the tone. Think about visiting your local party store for available materials and supplies in an Egyptian theme. You could even make an art project out of creating life- sized mummies or statues, if you really want to go the extra mile!

act like an Egyptian.

Invite your guests to come to your Egyptian event in full Egyptian costume, whether as an Egyptian god or goddess, or as a pharaoh or king. Hand out prizes for the most creative and spirited costumes, such as a medal, an Egyptian headdress, or even a copy of The Kane Chronicles, Book One: The Red Pyramid!

The Egyptians did It first.

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians were the inventors of the first scissors? And wigs? Ask your guests to do some research before coming to your Egyptian event and bring in one item that was invented by the Ancient Egyptians. Have them share their chosen object with the group and explain a bit of history behind it.


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