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discussion Questions from The Red Pyramid:

  • 1.

    Carter begins the tale by stating, “If you’re hearing this story, you’re already in danger. Sadie and I might be your only chance.” How does this dramatic opening shape the mood of the novel?

  • 2.

    Though Carter is only two years older than Sadie, she often teases him for acting like an old man. Is she justified? Why or why not?

  • 3.

    Given their long-term separation, what are some of the challenges for Carter and Sadie in regard to their relationship as brother and sister? What do you predict will be the most difficult elements to overcome?

    • 4.

      Using the phrase “This is a story about…”supply five words to describe The Red Pyramid. Explain your choices.

5. Throughout the novel, Carter and Sadie take turns recording their story for others like them. Why does Julius Kane train Carter to keep all of his possessions “in a single suitcase that fits in an airplane’s overhead compartment”? In what ways does this make Carter better prepared to embark on this adventure?

  • 6.

    The author uses some unusual titles for the chapters; which of them is your favorite? For what reason?

  • 7.

    In what ways do the differences in their physical appearance make things challenging for Carter and Sadie as siblings?

  • 8.

    Amos warns Julius, “If I don’t stop you, Julius, they will.” What can you infer from this cryptic message?

  • 9.

    Julius Kane goes to great lengths to attempt to change the fate of his wife. Is he justified in doing so?

  • 10.

    Both Carter and Sadie wear Egyptian amulets given to them by their father. What does Julius hope will be accomplished by his children’s wearing these symbolic gifts? Do you have a possession that makes you feel particularly safe or lucky? If so, why?

  • 11.

    While holding his father’s possessions, Sadie asks Carter, “What’s in his workbag?”After sharing that he doesn’t know because Julius instructed him not to look, Sadie retorts by exclaiming, “And you never did? God, that is so like you, Carter. You’re hopeless.” Why is Sadie so frustrated with Carter’s choices? Do you agree with his decision to respect his father’s instructions? Why or why not?

12. Describe Carter and Sadie. What are three things about each of them that you find most (or least) appealing?

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