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During the first round of Review and Assessment, industrial sources were determined not to release significant emissions of PM10 and would not result in an exceedence of the AQOs. No changes to the process emissions have been identified and it is therefore considered that the Part A processes do not require further assessment.

10.3.3 Domestic

The continued use of solid fuel within areas of the UK has the potential to impact on local emissions of PM10. These impacts tend to be concentrated in small areas generally less than 1 km2.

Defra guidance has identified the risk of exceeding the AQOs in an area to be significant where the density of houses burning solid fuel as a primary source of heating exceeds 50 properties per 500 m2 area.

Detailed information on the use of solid fuel in West Berkshire is not available. However, the Council’s Stage 1 report did not identify any 1 km x 1 km areas with 300 houses or greater, as specified in the 1998 guidance criteria for SO2 (see section 9.3.3). A conservative assessment, based on this criteria, would indicate that 300 houses within a 1 km x 1 km grid square would equate to 75 houses in a 500 m2 area (assuming an equal distribution). Based on this calculation it is unlikely that domestic emissions would exceed the criteria of 50 houses (burning solid fuel as a primary source) in West Berkshire.

10.3.4 Other

No other sources, including quarries, landfill sites, open cast coal sites, or areas of handling dusty goods have been identified within West Berkshire.

10.4 Summary and Recommendation

A review of background and national monitoring data indicates that the objectives for PM10 are likely to be achieved in 2005 and 2010. Industrial and road transport information provided by WBC has been reviewed in line with Government guidance. These sources are considered unlikely to result in the AQOs for PM10 being exceeded at locations of relevant exposure.

A Detailed Assessment of PM10 is not required.

A Progress Report should identify any changes to the data utilised within this review and be completed by April 2004.

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