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An Islamic-Pakistani anti-minority law called the Enemy Property Act, which was renamed Vested Property Act by the secularists (“enemy” = The Hindus who have had to leave Bangladesh for India after being persecuted and/or to avoid rape and death at the hands of the Islamic nationalists/extremists) has been retained to seize minorities' property.  By using this racist law, successive governments have seized 2.5 million acres of Hindus’ land, which was then given away to the Muslims by 2001 (International Religious Freedom Report 2001).  The secularist government in 2001 finally repealed this law though without any provisions for the victims to regain their property or attain reparations.  However, the ruling government of Islamic hardliners has blocked its implementation.  I do not have exact numbers of how many more thousands of acres have been seized in the past four years, but such seizures continue to occur to this date.  


Similarly, by retaining another Islamic-Pakistani project—Islamization of Chittagong Hill Tracts—tens of thousands of indigenous people have been evicted from Chittagong Hill Tracts, where they have lived for centuries as an autonomous people.  Backed by the armed forces, Muslim settlers have evicted those people by conducting atrocities against them.  For example, the para-militia forces, together with the Muslim settlers, have systematically murdered residents of entire villages (e.g., in Logang on April 10, 1992).  More recently -- e. g., on August 28, 2004 - -  they burned down 400 dwelling houses in Mahalchari, Chittagong Hill Tracts,  after looting the villages, gang raping their women, razing two Buddhist temples, and murdering one.  Consequently, whereas the indigenous people represented 97% of the population in 1947, by 2001 they accounted for less than 50% (US Department of State’s Country Report on Human Rights Practices, 2001).  The secularist government signed a Peace Accord with the Hills people in 1997 but the ruling government of “Islamic hardliners” has continued sending Muslim settlers to evict them, totally disrespecting the treaty.


No minorities are hired in positions of power and prestige, so there is little or no representation of them in the government.  For example, there is not a single ambassador, CEO of a nationalized bank, semi-government corporations, University President, chief of  any branch of the armed forces, police, etc.   


The government has banned all religious publications of the minority Ahmadiya Muslim sect of Islam.  They are being routinely attacked and their mosques razed with the government looking the other way.


The BNP government issued a circular to the effect that minorities not be granted large loans or even allowed to withdraw their own savings in large sums.


The Government subsidizes pilgrimage only for the Muslims.


On national exams, questions such as “Write a paragraph about ‘How you spent Eid-Ul-Fitr’” are asked as an obligatory question, which only Muslims are able to answer.


On the national Civil Service Examination, such questions are asked as to discuss the "Importance of the 8th Amendment," which no minority can answer truthfully and pass.


The law enforcement agencies directly participate in atrocities against minorities.  For example, even the commanding officer of police stations personally conduct violence against minorities.  To give an example, Tofazzal Hossain, Officer In-Charge, "led a procession at the dead of night that ransacked two Asrams, a temple of Goddess Kali, three houses at Gopalpur when seven to eight people were injured in mass beating." (The Daily Star, June 3, 2003)


The police rarely allow rape victims to press charges against their rapists.  Typically, if a rape victim goes to the police and insist on action, they are given the “run around” for a few days so the rape evidence disappears.  The police officers themselves will then persecute the victims.  This, of course, is followed by death threats or kidnapping (see, e.g. The Daily Janakantha, Feb. 16, 2002).


The government has failed to prosecute the looters, rapists, and arsonists, but conducts a campaign of denial and cover up, thus providing them with impunity and encouragement.  

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