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The human tragedy that I have just described will not cease until the minorities are totally eliminated.  Prime Minister Khlaeda Zia has not only flouted our appeals to stop the atrocities and open a dialogue with the leaders of the minorities to find a permanent solution to this enormous humanitarian problem, but has also ignored appeals made by Western legislators.  The government of Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has not only failed to prosecute the rapists, arsonists and murderers, but has covered up for them by dismissing all the media and Human Rights organizations’ reports about atrocities against the minorities as "conspiratorial" as she has dismissed all the reports about the rise of militant Islam as “a figment of one’s imagination.”  This impunity has fueled persecution and atrocities against the minorities.  

Obviously then, Mr. Chair/Madam Chair, it is only the community of civilized nations, which can rescue these victims; and, of course, civilized nations will not act until you apprise their leaders and legislators of our colossal tragedy.  I would like to reiterate one point I made: that, the minorities of Bangladesh will be totally eliminated through violence in the next three decades unless you influence the leaders and legislators of the civilized nations to act to rescue them.  This is because the Mullahs have openly declared that there is no room for the “infidel” in their holy soil, a mission they have begun to accomplish by having the government ban all the religious publications of the tolerant Ahmadiya sect of the Muslims.

Mr. Chair, by preventing the persecution of minorities of Bangladesh, you will not only enable 20 million minorities of Bangladesh to continue to live in their ancestral homeland but also prevent this semi-Taliban state from being turned into a full-fledged, “pure” Taliban state like Mullah Omar’s Afghanistan.

We have only one recommendation, which is:  Please do your very best to protect the minorities of Bangladesh.  

Thank you very much for your attention.

Nabendu Dutta

Email  <nilu102@aol.com> or <unitycouncilusa@aol.com>, Phone: (914) 779 3552

Geneva, May 2005

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