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Conclusion: Judaism recognizes the validity of Astrology and the affect of planets and constellations on a person’s mazal. In fact, it is G-d who placed the celestial bodies in place and directs Divine influence from upper spiritual worlds down through them to the physical world. Accordingly, he determines when a person will be born such that the configuration of the stars at that time will have the desired effect. Non-Jews who attribute independent power to the stars, an idea originating in idolatry, are limited within the dictates of the system. Jews, however, who recognize that G-d is the source of mazal, usually have the ability to transcend it through appealing directly to G-d through prayer, Torah and mitzvoth. The zodiac itself enables one to “live with the times” by connecting to the spiritual perfection attained by the founders of the Jewish nation, improving ourselves month by month, in order to perfect ourselves within our mazal and ultimately raise ourselves entirely above it.

Note: Although we haven’t found sources regarding whether a righteous non-Jew can transcend mazal, it is possible that by believing in G-d and keeping the 7 mitzvoth as commanded in the Torah, a non-Jew’s merits and prayer might also supercede mazal, similar to a Jew.


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