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What do think of the following? Do you take it seriously? Would Judaism accept it? - page 2 / 10





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Rashi explains that Pharaoh was only concerned about the Jewish sons because his astrologers told him that in the future, the savior of the Jews would be born. They were right - Moses was born shortly thereafter.

Compare this with the following. Is there any difference between the two decrees?

Exodus 1:22

ו ַ צ ְ י ַ ו ה ֹ ע ְ ר ַ , ר ֹ מ א ֵ ל ַ ע ל ָ כ ְ ל : ד ִ ַ ה ן ֵ ַ ה ל ָ , ה ָ ר ֹ א ְ י ַ ה ה ֻ כ י ִ ל ְ ַ , ת ַ ַ ה ל ָ כ ְ ו , ן ַ ח ְ .

Rashi explains that here Pharaoh’s decree included the Egyptians as well. On the day Moses was born, Pharaoh’s astrologers told him, ‘the savior of the Jews has been born, but we don’t know if he is a Jew or an Egyptian. However, we see that he will eventually be punished through water’. Therefore, Pharaoh ordered all male children born on that day to be thrown in the Nile. Again, the astrologers were right.

Note: What they didn’t perceive is that the punishment that Moses would eventually receive regarding water would be on account of .

Exodus 10:10

דֶגנֶ העָ רָ יכִּ ,וּארְ ;ם ֶכפְּ טַ ת ֶאוְ ,ם ֶכתְ ֶא חלַּ שַׁ ֲא רשֶׁ ֲא ַכּ ,ם ֶכמָּ עִ הוָהיְ ן ֵכ יהִ יְ ,םהֶ לֵ ֲא רמֶ אֹיּוַ . ם ֶכ י נֵ פְּ

Pharaoh first agreed, then tried to dissuade them by saying, ‘Ra’ah is before you.’ Rashi explains that there is a certain star named Ra’ah. Pharaoh said to them, I see through astrology that this star will rise toward you as you enter the desert, and it is a sign of blood and death. In fact when the Jews served the golden calf, and G-d sought to punish them by death, Moshe countered, ‘The Egyptians will say G-d intentionally took them out under the influence of the star Ra’ah in order to kill them’. Was Pharaoh’s prediction accurate?

Pharaoh’s prediction was accurate, but Moses’ argument on behalf of the Jews caused G- d to change the edict of blood to the blood of circumcision before entering Israel.

If astrological influence, or

is as central as these sources suggest, does everything

depend on mazal? Doesn’t G-d have any say in the matter? According to the following Gemara, is it up to mazal or G-d?


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