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What do think of the following? Do you take it seriously? Would Judaism accept it? - page 3 / 10





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Moed Katan 28a

ברו הבר אהד אתלימ אילת אלזמב אלא אתלימ אילת אתוכזב אל ינוזמו ינב ייח אבר רמא אדסח בר ארטימ יתאו ילצמ רמו ארטימ יתאו ילצמ רמ ווה יקידצ ןנבר והייורת אדסח יב ילכית ןיתיש הבר יב ילולה ןיתיש אדסח בר יב ןיעברא היח הבר ןינש ןיתרתו ןיעשת היח

.חכתשמ אלו ישניאל ירעשד אמהנ הבר יב יעבתמ אלו יבלכל אדימס אדסח בר

How does this compare with the following?

Nida 16b

וינפל רמואו ה"בקה ינפל הדימעמו הפט לטונו ומש הליל ןוירהה לע הנוממה ךאלמ ותוא .ינע וא רישע שפיט וא םכח שלח וא רובג הילע אהת המ וז הפט ע"שבר

Resolution: G-d decides what a person’s particular characteristics will be and manipulates conception such that those characteristics will be implemented at birth through the mazal in effect at that time. Keeping in mind that the word mazal comes from the word which means “to flow down”, consider the following explanation:

Ramban, Deuteronomy 18:9

The Kabbalists explain this in more detail: G-d, referred to as divine energy through four worlds,

, created and directs is the world of the

ten sefirot,

is the throne through which the influence of the sefirot is directed down



is the world of angels, who are like souls to the stars.

is the world

of Creation, including planets, stars and constellations. G-d’s will emanates from

through the sefir to the angels in

ot in

, is directed through the throne in

and then transmitted

, who as “souls” to the luminaries, radiate influence down to the

heavenly “bodies” in

, which in turn affect all beings on earth.

The system described by the Ramban is referred to by the terms


Mazal and

/Lower Mazal, where “upper mazal” is the directive of G-d

through the angels and “lower mazal” is its manifestation in the luminaries. Interestingly, the misunderstanding of this system is the source of idolatry, as explained by Maimonides:


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