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(the translation of the above is

presented here as tables):

Alternatively, consider the continuation of the above source regarding our question as to whether merit has any effect on mazal:

Shabbat 156a

יהוזרו הילידמ יתשו הילידמ ליכא יהי ןתויז רבג יהי המחבד ןאמ יאה םרוג העש לזמ יאה ארונ היב דיליתיאד םושמ ט"מ יהי יאנזו ריתע רבג יהי הגונ בכוכבד ןאמ יאה...ןיילג ליבס רבג יהי הנבלבד ןאמ יאה אוה המחד ארפסד םושמ םיכחו ריהנ רבג יהי בכוכבד ןאמ ןאמ יאה...ןייסכ יהוזרו היליד אלד יתשו היליד אלד ליכא יאנבו ריתס ריתסו יאנב ןיערמ ןאמ יאה ןילטב הילע ןיבשחמד לכ ירמאד תיאו ןילטב היתבשחמ רבג יהי יאתבשבד

.אמד דישא רבג יהי םידאמבד ןאמ יאה...ןקדצ רבג יהי קדצבד

One can deduce the planet that was ruling at the hour of one’s birth as follows: The planets were fixed on the evening of the 4th day of creation. Since the world was created during the equinox, day and night were each 12 hours, night starting at 6 PM and day at 6 AM. Therefore, starting Day 4 at 6 PM with Saturn, they changed each hour until arriving to Day 5 at 6 AM with Mercury, and so on. Accordingly, the planets dominating the 1st hour of the morning of each day of creation were as below. Since they are the planets always ruling at 6 AM, one can count forward or backward according to the order of the planets to determine the planet ruling at the hour of birth. Therefore, someone born between 3 and 4 PM on Friday, for example, would be under the influence of the moon.


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