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Presentation and Organisation

word or part of a word (‘Ethnic Citizens and Ethnic Strangers, as used by Professor M—’) or to introduce lines of dialogue.

Quotation marks. CODESRIA uses the British style, i.e., single quotation marks for dialogue and quoted material in the text. Reserve the use of double quotation marks for quotes within quotes, e.g., ‘Samir Amin’s idea of "delinking" may be appealing in principle but difficult in practice’. For the American style use double quotation marks for quoted material in the text, with single quotation marks for quotes within quotes, e.g.: "Samir Amin’s idea of 'delinking' may be appealing in principle but difficult in practice." You are encouraged to use the British style in your submissions to CODESRIA. In British style the full stop only falls inside the quotation mark if the material quoted is a complete sentence.

Subheadings. should be used sparingly. If you use sub-subheadings, please indicate clearly their degree of importance. For example, indicate level headings by adding tags, e.g.<A>, <B>, <C>; <H1>, <H2>, <H3> etc. or use capitals for A subheadings, underlining for B sub-subheadings, and ordi- nary type for C sub-sub-subheadings:

<A>THE ADVENT OF MISSIONARIES <B>The advent of missionaries <C>The advent of missionaries

Avoid using more than three degrees of sub-headings, as this leads to difficulties in setting and is confusing for the reader. Avoid numbering subheadings unless extensive cross-referencing is essential to the work.


Be consistent. We prefer spellings to conform to the most recent edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, but will accept alternatives pro- vided they are consistent and do not skip to and fro between US spelling and UK spelling. If you are using a word processor and have a spell check facility on your software, use it.

Ensure that the names of people/places, etc. are spelt consistently through- out the manuscript. Pay particular attention in the case of names/words transliterated from other languages (e.g. Arabic, Hindi); watch out for consistent usage of diacritic marks.

Keep capitalisation to a minimum.

  • Titles and ranks. E.g. ‘King Jaja of Opobo’, but ‘the king’, ‘all kings’.


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