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Black and white plates. For the best possible quality in printing you should supply all photographs larger than the intended reproduction size. The most suitable sizes for most photographs are 5 x 7 ins (125 x 175 mm) for small subjects and 8 x 10 ins (200 x 250 mm) for large subjects. Photographs should be unglazed prints and should contain good contrast, a full range of middle tones, and have unobtrusive. photographic grain.

Textured-surface photographs and those taken from half-tones in books or newspapers are unsuitable for reproduction. Request for an original photograph from the publisher or owner. Colour transparencies and prints generally make very poor black and white plates, so avoid them if possible.

Write on the back of the photograph its number, your name, and the manu- script title in soft pencil. Some indication of relative size is often helpful. Do not write on the back (or front) of photographs in ball-point or heavy felt-tip pen, as this can damage the photo. Do not use paper clips to attach them to anything; use a tracing paper overlay, or a photocopy, if you want to indicate parts to be omitted.

Supply a separate list of captions and a list of plates to go in the prelims. Indicate approximately where plates are to be inserted in text, if you wish them to be integrated.

Colour plates. Colour transparencies are the only suitable originals for colour reproduction, and printing quality is largely determined by size. Transparencies should be 125 x 100 mm or 55 mm square to guarantee optimum quality. By and large, it is not possible to include colour in pub- lications as it is very expensive.

Figures and maps

If you are able to supply finished artwork, please do so. For good repro- duction we need a clear black-and-white image (not a photocopy), either the same size or larger than the production size – the maximum size of the text area for a Demy format book is 100mm x 170mm; for a Royal format book it is 115mm x 185 mm (CODESRIA will be able to tell you which format will be used for the publication, for journals check the appropriate serial). If you supply artwork of larger size, ensure that it can be reduced proportionally to the dimensions of the text area, and that all labels will be legible when they are reduced – use a simple solid typeface that will reproduce clearly. If in doubt try reducing the figure on a photocopier to


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