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CODESRIA Guide for Authors

see the result. Do not supply artwork that needs to be reduced by more than one-third.

Maps may need to be produced to a larger size if they cover big detailed areas, but ensure that the labels are produced proportionally larger as well.

Avoid the use of complicated and intricate tints. They are likely to repro- duce as a solid area or may not be distinguishable when printed. Instead of a tint, use dots, lines or other symbols.

CODESRIA is able to use computer-generated artwork only if a copy has been printed out on a laser printer. A dot-matrix printer does not produce sufficiently high-quality output. If you intend to supply artwork on disk please clear this with the Department of Publications and Communication at CODESRIA first.

If you supply only roughs, they should not be too ‘rough’. The artist must be able to read names and position them correctly without a detailed knowledge of your text. This applies particularly to maps.

Indicate approximately where figures are to go in the text, and, as with tables, refer to them by number rather than ‘the figure below’. If there are more than half a dozen per chapter, number them by chapter: 1.1, 1.2, and so on.

Please supply a separate list of captions and list of figures to go in the prelims.

Please be especially careful if you are supplying roughs that the positioning of names and places is accurate and that the spelling of names of places is consistent with the text. This is especially important when transcribing from other alphabets, such as African indigenous languages or Arabic.

Remember that with all illustrations, the quality of the finished product is dependent on the material supplied by you.


It is important to inquire in your country about the prevailing copyright law and act in consequence. You need to acquire permission to reproduce two kinds of material: quotations from works in copyright, and illustrations such as photographs, line drawings, maps, graphs, etc. All permissions must be cleared by the time the publication is ready for delivery.


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