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It is your responsibility to obtain permission by writing to the publisher of the work in which the quoted material appears, who is usually empowered to grant permission on behalf of the copyright-holder. Under a convention known as 'fair use', permission is usually given free of charge for short extracts of not more than 400 words in one extract or a total of 800 words in a series of extracts (none to exceed 250 words), but it is wise to apply for permission even in such cases, since there are authors and books to which this may not apply. You must also make sure that such extracts are properly acknowledged. Authors are encouraged to acknowledge all sources, copyrighted or not.

Permission is required for one or more lines of poetry.

Although paintings and works of art are often in themselves out of copy- right, museums and art galleries usually copyright all photographs/ slides taken of them. You must obtain permission for all illustrations, whether supplied by museums, agencies, or private individuals, or taken from exist- ing publications. You may be asked for two fees: one for permission, and one for supplying a print. You should pay the cost of the print immediately. Permission fees are usually not paid until publication – if your contract allows for this, or you have a separate written agreement with CODESRIA, the fees can be charged against your royalty account where applicable.

When you deliver the final manuscript you should include with it all per- missions correspondence (keeping a copy for yourself), with details of any items that it has not been possible to clear. Your manuscript should include an ‘acknowledgements’ page, in which you follow any specific wording requested by the publisher/ copyright-holder.

How to contribute to CODESRIA publications


If you are editing a contributed book, we expect you to take on the respon- sibility of briefing and liaising with your contributors throughout the writ- ing and production of the book. If you are co-editing a volume, you and your co-editor(s) must establish at the outset who is the key contact, and inform CODESRIA and all contributors.

If contributors are able to supply their chapters on disk(s) ask them to do


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