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CODESRIA Guide for Authors

so. It is easier if you all use the same word processing package, preferably the same as that which is used in-house by CODESRIA. Indicate on your style sheet which package you will be using. See pp. 28–32 for further information on preparing disks.

A word on style

It is important that contributors use the same style of spelling and punc- tuation and the same reference system. Ensure that they receive a copy of this CODESRIA style guide with their contract letter. Before they begin writing, notify all contributors of the following instructions:

1. Use British spelling and punctuations throughout. If you prefer either the -ise or -ize, be consistent. Watch out for words which must be only

  • -

    ise: advertise, advise, comprise, compromise, disenfranchise, enterprise,

franchise, improvise, merchandise, revise, supervise, televise, etc. 2. Use the Harvard reference system, i.e. author-date system (See p. 15)

Single-author submissions are encouraged to follow the same guidelines as above.


Manuscripts submitted to the journals should be typed double-spaced and in two (2) hard copies. Electronic versions should be submitted by email as MS Word, RTF or Word Perfect attachments and/or on diskette (3½ inch). Avoid excessive formatting of the text. Camera-ready copies of maps, charts graphs are required as well as the data used in plotting the charts and graphs. Please use the Harvard Reference System (author–date) for bibliographic referencing, e.g.:

It is interesting to note that... the word for ‘tribe’ does not exist in indigenous languages of South Africa (Mafeje 1971:254).

N.B.: It is essential that the bibliography/references lists every work cited by you in the text.

An abstract of 150 to 200 words stating the main research problem, major findings and conclusions should be sent with the articles for translation into English or French. Articles that do not follow this format will have their processing delayed.

Authors should indicate their full name, address (including email con- tact), their academic status and their current institutional affiliation. This should appear on a separate covering page since manuscripts will be sent


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