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CODESRIA Guide for Authors

Preparing text on disk

What does CODESRIA need to know?

When you send CODESRIA your manuscript on disk (3½-inch diskettes, CD-ROMs, ZIP), include the following information:

  • The make and model of the computer you have used (e.g. COMPAQ LITE 20).

  • Name of the operating system of the computer used to type the manuscript (PC, Mac, Unix).

  • Name and version number of the word processing software used

    • (e.

      g. WordPerfect 5.1, WordPerfect Office 2000, Microsoft Word

      • 2000)


  • Whether your computer and word-processing package is IBM PC or Macintosh compatible.

  • A list of any special characters, phonetic and mathematic symbols which occur in the manuscript which are not found on an ordinary English/French language keyboard.

All this information is essential to enable CODESRIA to read and/or con- vert your disks, so keep a note of any new computers or software you use

  • or obtain this information from the person who has typed the text for

you – and check this information, for accuracy just before you send the manuscript and the diskettes off.

Which word-processing software packages can be used by CODESRIA?

We can make use of many word-processing systems, but some are more convenient to use than others as they require less conversion work. See table on recommended software.

Microsoft Word is favoured partly because it is most widely used and partly because it is used within CODESRIA. However, there are dozens of other packages which offer similar functionality, and personal preferences vary greatly. Use the package you are most comfortable with, as long as it is known to be convertible to Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.


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