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CODESRIA Guide for Authors

  • If your manuscript includes graphics, do not submit these embed- ded in the text. Graphic files should be submitted separately and named as they are in the text e.g. fig 4_1, fig 4_2, etc. Embedded graphics often make a file difficult to handle for typesetters. Also, remember that graphics formatted for an A4 page are not ideal for book publication. CODESRIA would prefer all graphics sized to 100 mm width and designed to portrait shape when possible.

  • It is not necessary to start a new disk for each file. Depending upon which disk type you use, an average book usually requires two to four 3½-inch diskettes. CD-ROMs would be ideal if you have heavy graphics and illustrations as well, they take up to 650MB of storage, ZIP disks up to 100 and 250 MB.

  • Make sure your disks contain the text of your book only, and one copy of each chapter, etc., only. Erase all redundant files.

  • It is easy to rename files (see your manual) if you change your mind about the order of the chapters. Remember to correct the chapter number in the file itself if you rename your files.

Why make back-up copies of files?

It is important to keep copies (back-ups) of all your files as you prepare your text. Your computer's hard disks (if it has one) and any floppy disks you may use are all mortal devices, and whilst they may function perfectly for decades, you may be unlucky and lose all the data on a disk at any time.

  • Back-up your work as you go along (see your manual for instruc-


  • Always back-up on to a different disk.

  • Make a final copy of the whole work on to new disks and send

only these disks to CODESRIA.

  • Never send the only disks you have; always send copies.

  • Remember that a print-out, though necessary, does not function

as a back-up.


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