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Preparing Text on Disk

How disks are packaged and transported

Disks can become corrupt during transit, especially if they are inspected by customs using X-ray or magnetic devices. If possible, use specially designed disk packaging which will offer some protection against such problems. Otherwise, cardboard and a heavy Jiffy-style envelope should prove sufficient. Using good quality disks (HD, rather than DD) will also decrease the likelihood of corruption.

Before delivering the final manuscript to CODESRIA, check:

  • That all contributions are the final versions – once the manuscript is accepted for publication by CODESRIA further updating and amendment would not be possible.

  • That all contributions are complete – i.e. no missing notes or references, and, if the manuscript is to contain illustrations, that all artwork is supplied.

  • That any editorial cuts and amendments have been cleared with the contributors.

  • That any permissions have been cleared by the contributors (see pp. 24–25).

  • If disks are supplied, that the manuscript is an exact print-out of what is on the disk – if in doubt check back with the contributor.

  • That a list of ‘Notes on Contributors’ has been supplied (this will appear in the prelims of the book and should include current affiliations, previous and present research interests and expertise, and some published books – around forty words per contributor is the ideal length).

  • If the manuscript is being submitted for a journal publication, an abstract of findings in either English, French, or both must be included.

Copy-editing queries and proofs

Once the copy editor has finished work on the manuscript, CODESRIA or (the copy editor) will send any queries to authors or editors of multi- author volumes, if applicable, for onward transmission to contributors. CODESRIA will expect editors to liaise with contributors. It is preferable that contributors to multi-author volumes channel material through


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