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CODESRIA Guide for Authors

  • Have you supplied a list of Notes on Contributors?


  • Have you obtained permission to quote from copyright material?

  • Have you enclosed correspondence with copyright-holders?

  • Is the required form of acknowledgement given in the text?

  • Are any permissions still outstanding?

Correcting proofs

Unless your book or article is complicated in layout, with many integrated illustrations, CODESRIA will proceed directly to page proofs. Proofs will be sent to you to read against your own copy of the manuscript. Another set of proofs will be proofread against the copy-edited manuscript.

Heavily corrected proofs are expensive and may result in charges to your royalty account (if applicable) and/or a delay in the schedule for the book. Only absolutely necessary alterations will be tolerated. Do not attempt to revise the work of the copy editor. Once your book is set, it is not possible to admit any major corrections, except for typesetter's errors, or for essen- tial updating where, for example, new legislation has invalidated your conclusions. All corrections and improvements to style and construction must be made before the manuscript is submitted. CODESRIA reserves the right not to implement any proof corrections that should have been incorporated in the manuscript before typesetting. Alternatively, excess correction costs will be charged against royalty where applicable, or simply billed to the author.

Make corrections in the margin in legible handwriting, and indicate where they are to be inserted in the body of the text. Align the correction in the margin with the line of text to be corrected, especially if there are several corrections close together. Where there are two or more corrections in the same line, make the marginal marks in the order of the corrections to be made, or in the margin nearer to the correction. If there is a complicated correction, include the complete, corrected sentence somewhere on that page and encircle it. Mark corrections on the outside margins of the pages unless there are many on one line.


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