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CODESRIA Guide for Authors


Abstract. A summary of the main argument of the text of an article or paper, covering the purpose, methods, findings and conclusions.

Acknowledgements may include thanks to professional bodies, colleagues, and personal friends and helpers. Where photographs are to be used in the book, include credits to the sources on the acknowledgements page. Where permissions have been granted for the use of copyright material from other works, include them here as well (see Illustrations, pp.22–24, and Permissions, p. 24). Also acknowledge ideas, discussions and input by professional colleagues and others.

Appendices usually comprise material which is too detailed to be included in the main text without unbalancing the book, but which is of use to some readers.

Bibliography/References. This is usually a list of all works relevant to or cited in the text, or merely suggested further reading. All publication details should be included: that is, author's or editor's name, including initials; book or article title; journal title; volume number; place of publi- cation; publisher; and page numbers for journal articles or chapters (see Bibliography/references, pp. 16–21).

Bleed: a page design in which the illustrations run off the edge of the trimmed page.

Blurb: descriptive promotional text at the back cover (or inside jacket flap) of a book, that serves like a sort of foretaste of its argument and appeal.

The copyright page contains the copyright notice, International Standard Book Number or the International Standard Serial Number, acknowledge- ments of our partners, the cover artwork, typesetting and printing.

The contents page must agree in wording and capitalisation with the chapter headings in the text.

Contributors. In multi-author works, a short note on the contributors, arrange in alphabetical order, is included and placed before the dedica- tion, if there is one.

Dedication. A short and brief citation.

Dot Matrix Printer: a printer in which the characters are made up by closely spaced dots. It prints line by line to produce a page.


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