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Objective of this booklet

In order for your manuscript to be published as quickly and painlessly as possible, it is essential that you follow the instructions laid out in this booklet. Editors of journals, series and books with several contributors should ensure that all authors are given copies of this booklet and specific instructions for the volume they are contributing to. The main objectives of the booklet include the following:

  • To facilitate communication and understanding between authors, editors and the Department of Publications and Communication at CODESRIA. By producing a well-organised, coherent and complete manuscript, you will be making a significant contribution to the efficient and timely production of your work.

  • To ensure efficient and speedy production of publications of quality both in form and content. A messy, badly prepared manuscript is time-consuming and expensive to produce, both for the editorial and production teams. The clearer, better articulated the manuscript the more likely it is that the copy editor and typesetter will be able to do a good job. It is in your interest to take every care over the manuscript at all stages of preparation. It is also in the interest of editors and guest editors to insist on the adequate preparation of manuscripts before these are transmitted for publication to CODESRIA. Manuscripts that are not sufficiently attended to might be returned to you for basic revisions, which delays the evaluation and production process.

  • To assist CODESRIA in achieving its objectives as a leading publisher of excellent predicament-oriented scholarship on Africa and Africans.

A note

Much in this ‘Guide for Authors’is intended for students and budding schol- ars who are yet to master the art of academic writing and publishing. To the experienced authors largely already familiar with publishers’ expectations and scholarly manière de faire, we crave your indulgence and hope that the table of contents and index will direct your attention to the specific area you need for the work at hand. To all scholars, we hope that this guide will inspire quality and excellence in your submissions to CODESRIA.


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