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Presentation and Organisation

The Manuscript

We prefer manuscripts (i.e., books, monographs, working papers, journal article or contributions to the CODESRIA Bulletin) on disk prepared on a word processor as well as in printed hard-copy form. A disk copy will make the production process easier, both for you and for CODESRIA. Use of difficult or expensive word-processing packages is unnecessary, so also is the use of complicated codes. The simpler the presentation of your text, the better for the typesetters and the printers. And since it will be typeset from your own keystrokes, there will be fewer errors in your proofs. If at all possible, manuscripts should be emailed to editors or to CODESRIA

Manuscripts must be typed or printed out double-spaced with wide mar- gins (approx. 30 mm) on both left and right, and at the top and bottom, on one side of the paper only. Use of A4 paper with about 40 lines to a page is recommended, in order to allow the copy editor space to mark correc- tions. Type or print in high or letter-quality mode and not in draft mode. CODESRIA recommends the use of 12 point (10 point as a minimum) and clear font types that are easily readable. Avoid word divisions at the ends of lines: ragged right-hand margins are much better than hyphens. Use the left alignment mode.

Do not use waxy paper or photocopies that cannot be written on. Do not use continuous (or listing) paper. We recommend the use of white paper that is easy to photocopy or send by fax.

Authors must supply two copies of the manuscript, the top copy being for our editorial team, and the second for publicity and promotion pur- poses. Always keep a copy for your own reference. A disk copy must still be accompanied by two hard copies of the manuscript.

All copies of the manuscript must be identical, and all hard copies must be an exact print-out of the disks sent to CODESRIA. This is essential – if in doubt you should print out again, to ensure that the hard-copy matches exactly what is on the disk. The two hard copies and disks you send to CODESRIA must be the final version of your manuscript. If you wish to make minor corrections or amendments after you have printed out the work, write them legibly in red ink on or above the relevant line of text, not in the margin, but do not make the changes on the disk. If you wish to make more extensive alterations you should make them on the disk and print out the revised manuscript. Mark all hard and disk copies of the manuscript with the date they were printed out or revised, so that there


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