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CODESRIA Guide for Authors

is no risk of your sending CODESRIA an earlier version of the manuscript by accident. Never send the only disks you have – always send copies.

The pages of your manuscript must be numbered just before you submit it, when the organisation of the manuscript is finalised and any tables and figures are included. Begin page 1 with the first page of the main text, or with an abstract (for manuscripts proposed for journal articles) and Introduction (in the case of a book length manuscript), if this is long enough for its content to be included in the index. Number right through, not chapter by chapter or by sections; be sure that all copies are numbered identically.

For all manuscripts, a separate cover page is required for the title and infor- mation about personal details of the author. Do not include the author’s name on the first page of the main text, or as running heads and footers. This ensures that time is not wasted to protect the anonymity of the author before manuscripts are sent out for peer-review.

Word count

Various CODESRIA publications may have word length stipulations appropriate to the journal, monograph, working paper, and books in the series. Look at the journal or other titles in the series or consult with the editor on the appropriate word length before submitting the manuscript. For example, journal articles average about 5,00010,000 words in length. Many word-processing packages include facilities for automatic word counting (see your manual). It is helpful if you can note the word count by either providing a separate list or noting counts on your print-out.

Front and end matters

Book length manuscripts should include the front and end matters. The front matter includes the half-title page, title page, copyright, dedication (if any), contents, preface, acknowledgements, list of abbreviations, lists of plates, figures, tables and so on. The end matter can include appendices, notes, bibliography and index (in order).

Journal articles need not include as much detail as for books but should include the title page, abstract, acknowledgements, lists of plates, figures, tables, appendices (if any), notes, references.

The Text

Please keep text layout simple. The most important point of style is to be consistent throughout your text: i.e., use the same spacing between words, headings, paragraphs, etc., throughout. If you wish to retain space


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