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Presentation and Organisation

between paragraphs to indicate a section break, indicate this clearly on the manuscript.

Do not centre headings. Use line spaces above and below headings, and the minimum of stylistic features to indicate different levels of headings (i.e. underlining, italic, capital and lowercase letters):

Subheading Text beneath first level of heading. Sub-subheading Text beneath second level of heading.

Sub-sub-subheading Text beneath third level of heading. For more on presentation, see section on subheadings below.

Justification of text. lf producing text on disk avoid justifying text for both left and right margins – there is a risk that hyphenation at the end of justified lines of text on disk will eventually appear in proofs. Justify text on the left margin, but leave the right margin ragged (i.e. so that hyphens appear only where you have inserted them). Do not insert hard returns at the end of every line, but do insert two hard returns at the end of para- graphs if they are not indented.

Chapters and Parts should begin on a new page. Paragraphs

Always use ‘tab’ or a consistent number of spaces for indenting the first line of a paragraph.

Indented extracts. Quoted material of more than three lines in length (approx. fifty words) should be set out from the text by being indented a consistent number of spaces from the left margin, with a line space above and below, e.g.:

Hence, despite constitutional provisions of equality before the law, women citizens are often constructed as dependents on husbands in tax law; as unable to pass on citizenship to their children in national- ity laws; as not competent to travel autonomously in provisions for acquisitions for visas and passports; as financial risks in requiring approval for loans and scholarships from husbands, and so on (Imam 1997:4).


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