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tourism activity clearly marks tourism as one of the most remarkable economic and social phenomena in the world.

1. The Tourism Industry Components and Requirements of the Tourists

As indicated above the tourism industry is made up of three major components: namely,


Attraction sector which comprises manmade and natural attractions which




needs etc.

(ii) Advertising

sector, which







advertising through mass media and the Internet.

  • (iii)

    Accommodation sector, all types of establishments that offers lodging to visitors (Hotel, Motel, Guest houses, caravans etc.)

  • (iv)

    Transport sector, which includes air, water and surface transport.

1.1 Attraction Sector

In the case of attractions both manmade and natural attraction owners need to communicate or inform their customers and potential customers about their production. Information about the kind of attraction, where they are located and how to get there is of vital importance. The attraction owners particularly the national tourist offices discharge their duty of promoting their country’s tourist attractions using the information technology products. Information through promotional videos, Internet web Sites, television advertisements and travel documentaries are the main information dissemination tools.

1.2 Accommodation Sector

In the accommodation sector also the contribution of information technology is prominent. Any individual or group wishing to travel to any part of the world now has an easy access to the accommodation service providers. A visitor can access information about the kind

of hotels at the destination, their ranges of product, the price and other relevant information without leaving his/her office or home. What one has to do is to ring up a travel agency and get the expert advice. This will help any visitor greatly as to where to stay during any kind of away from home. Here the information can be obtained aided by still or moving pictures in order to give an exact feature of an accommodation, facilities and services of ones choice. At a destination also visitors are at ease during their stay in every respect, in getting information about their business, family or other information back home. They are also at ease to relax with the videos and television entertainment programs, which nowadays are part and parcel of many accommodation units.

1.3 Advertising Sector

Travel and tourism fit especially well with interactive media because they are an information intensive industry where transactions can be made online, and current Web users are heavy users of travel and tourism products and services. Interactive media call for interactive marketing. “The essence of interactive marketing is the use of information from the customer rather than about the customer”. It differs from traditional marketing since it is based on a dialogue instead of a one- way communication, and it deals with individual consumers instead of mass markets. According to Parsons, the success factors for marketing on the Web are:

  • 1.

    Attracting users,

  • 2.

    Engaging users’ interest and participation,

  • 3.

    Retaining users and ensuring they return,

  • 4.

    Learning about user preferences, and

  • 5.

    Relating back to users to provide customized


Fig. Interactive Marketing Framework

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