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Sample results of Code3. Pollutant formation. Mole fraction isopleths for: nitrogen oxide, NO (top); nitrogen dioxide, NO2 (bottom).

Implementation of the Differentially Reynolds Stress Models is pending.

Intensive work has been carried out on non-structured grids and actually a sequential prototype code (in C) to resolve the three- dimensional and transient Navier-Stokes equations is available. Other parallel C++ code is being developed, all the basic classes to contain the grids, communications, etc. have been written.

Finishing the sequential prototype for non-structured grids in C, transferring the code to the parallel C++ version, and implementing additional models in this new code, like the RANS- type models, are pending.

This is essentially what is anticipated in the project, except for the delay in the initial phase caused by the use of C++, but the result is expected to be more robust and modular.

1.4.4-Tools for the administration of the PCs Different codes in order to facilitate the installation and management of the cluster are developed. The selection and implementation of software for parallel queue management is pending.

2 Indicators of Results

Information on different indicators that can show the relevance of the results obtained up to now has been included. These indicators consider at least: staff in formation, achieved publications, technology transfer, patents, participation in international projects (especially in the EU), and collaborations with national and foreign groups.

2.1 Participation in projects A narrow collaboration is maintained with the companies that supported this project: Unidad Hermética of Electrolux Group (nowadays CUBIGEL S.A. (Unidad Hermética)); Radiadores Cerezo, Tefrinca. Below are the collaboration projects with the above-mentioned companies, for which the achievements of this project are fundamental:

  • Research project nº C04749, Company: CUBIGEL, S.A. (Unidad Hermética)., Period: 2002-2005, Funding: 365.000 Euro, Title: Study of the viability and development of hermetic compressors prototypes working with CO2 as fluid refrigerant.

  • CRAFT Programme (ref. CRAFT – 1999 – 71024 – “COMHEX”), European Commission, Directorate-General XII. The CTTC is the Research Project Co-ordinator. Period: 2002-2004; Funding corresponding to the CTTC: 351.060 Euro. Title: Optimisation of Gas-Liquid Compact Heat Exchangers Considering Their Interaction with the Rest of the System.

  • Research project nº C05652, Company: CUBIGEL S.A. , Period: 2005 – 2006; Funding:108.000,00 Euro. Title: Optimization of Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors Based on Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation Methodologies. Detailed Study of the Flow through Valves and the Piston-Cylinder Leakages.

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